Should I upgrade my old laptop to Windows 10?

Windows 10

Episode 1222

Brian from New York City

Brian had an old laptop and he put a new hard drive in it with Windows 7, and it took him forever to patch it. Then the patches acted up. He thought Windows 10 could solve it since he was offered an upgrade by Microsoft. But Sony says he shouldn't upgrade it.

Leo says that if Windows offered him Windows 10, then his laptop has passed the compatibility checker and he should be good to go. Windows 10 runs much better than the previous version. Leo is happy with Windows 10 in spite of the compatibility issues. But those will likely be fixed with Service Pack 1 next month.

Why won't Windows 10 work on my computer?

Windows 10 upgrade

Episode 1219

Art from Los Angeles, CA

Art is having trouble with Windows 10. He registered just like he should have, but he got anxious and upgraded it manually. Leo says that's where Art went wrong. There's likely a compatibilty issue because he jumped the gun. Microsoft has been customizing the builds for each computer and when it's ready, they tell you it's time so you can then install it.

Why can't I upgrade to Windows 10?

Windows 10 upgrade

Episode 1212

Paul from Columbus, OH

Paul has a Dell XPS series desktop that's about six years old. He's getting a message that it's not available for a Windows 10 upgrade. Leo says that could be. Although that computer is more than capable of running Windows 10. Leo advises updating the motherboard drivers. First he should roll back to Windows 7. Then he can update the drivers, run the compatibility checker, and then try installing again.

Do I need a new video card to upgrade to Windows 10?

Video Card

Episode 1211

David from Texas

David is getting an incompatibility error when updating to Windows 10. Does he need a new video card? Leo says no, that isn't necessary. The updated drivers should be out in a relatively short period of time. So David should just wait for a new video driver to become available before he updates. He has up to a year to upgrade for free.

From the chatroom, there are some older video cards from NVidia that Microsoft said will not support DirectX 12 for Windows 10. If that's the case, then he will have to get a new video card. But they're pretty cheap these days.

Windows 10 has some great features

Windows 10 Cortana

Episode 1210

Bob from Albany, NY

Bob recently upgraded an old Dell computer to Windows 10. He did an upgrade, which didn't work, then tried a clean install and it worked flawlessly. So he's quite happy to breathe new life into an old PC. Bob also likes the new backup and recovery feature. Leo says that Microsoft finally has backup down, and it's as good as Apple's Time Machine. He also says that Windows has profile based language support, so you can change languages by changing profiles, including Cortana.

Do I need to upgrade OS X to Yosemite?

OS X Yosemite

Episode 1210

Bob from Austin, TX

Bob got a message in Safari the other day that his browser was "depricated." All he's been told is that he should update to OS X Yosemite or El Capitan because it will include a version of Safari that has WebKit, which many websites rely on. Leo says that could work, but if his hardware doesn't support Apple's latest OS, then it becomes a money grab by Apple when they abandon this older hardware. Then again, Apple doesn't fall into the end all be all trap that Microsoft fell into for a long time. Sometimes, developers have to move forward and leave older platforms behind.

When will I get Windows 10?

Windows 10 Upgrade Notification

Episode 1208

James from West Virginia

James wants to know how long it will take to get Windows 10 on his computer. Leo says that Microsoft is rolling the update out, so it may take a few days to get it. But if he doesn't get it by next week, he could download it directly and install it. The down side of that is that he may not get all the drivers and Leo has found that it doesn't activate. So James should let Microsoft push it to him. That's the best way. There's over 100 million users who are waiting and it's going to take awhile to roll it out. Meanwhile, take the time to get ready by backing up data.

Can I cancel my Windows 10 update?

Windows 10 Upgrade Notification

Episode 1208

Simon from Yorktown, VA

Simon has decided to wait to update Windows 10, but he wanted to download it for a later date. But according to Simon, he only has a three day window to install. What happened to the year? Leo says that the Windows Scheduler is in Windows and it may be listed there. Or he can go into his update settings and turn off the automatic install. But if Microsoft is ready to update his computer, then why not backup the data and install it?