Driver of Fatal Tesla Crash was Using Autopilot Mode

Episode 1475

Tesla Model X

The driver of the Tesla Model X that crashed on March 23rd did have the autopilot mode engaged. This comes after Uber's deadly crash with a pedestrian, where it has been determined that the self-driving car had not been operating safely. Tesla responded that the driver should have put his hands on the wheel to intervene. Strange curves and barriers can cause problems for the autopilot mode. It's important that any safety driver stay alert when the car is in self-driving mode.

Why doesn't Uber know where I'm at?

Episode 1417

George from Santa Monica, CA
Uber for iOS

George uses his iPad to call Uber, but they don't know where to pick him up. Leo says that's because the iPad doesn't have GPS. The app just has to ask for the address of where he is in order to find him. With a mobile phone, they would have his coordinates in the app. Without GPS, the app has to use other means to find his general location, usually it uses "WiFi triangulation," and that's not always very accurate. The app puts a pin where he is, and if it's using WiFi triangulation, the pin just goes close to where he is. The good news is he can move the pin in the app.

Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1412

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet joins us from a Ritz Carlton ski resort in Colorado this week.

Travel Tip - Flying into Seattle offers a very organized and helpful management of Uber and Lyft pickup. There's also wingz.me. What makes them different is that there's no surge pricing. If you prebook, you'll get the same price and you can request the same driver over and over. It's available in 14 cities. Another tip for using Uber: when you see the price surging, just wait a few minutes. It will eventually fall back down.

Über Raises $1.2 Billion in Venture Capital, Setting Valuation at $17 Billion

Episode 1090

Uber, the app to call a ride from private town cars and vehicles, has received a venture capital investment of over a Billion dollars, with a value of $17 Billion. Leo says that a billion dollars isn't what it used to be. The Wall Street Journal says that value is just plain nuts because there can easily be competitors. The irony is that Uber is only available in a few select cities. It's a neat service though, and you also have the choice of "Uber X," which is a higher end town car service.