T-Mobile Eliminates Phone Subsidies


Episode 934

This week, T-Mobile not only announced that they're finally getting the iPhone, but that they would be eliminating phone subsidies, two year contracts and early termination fees. They will offer "financing" for phones, which makes Leo wonder what the difference is. They are also going to lower the cost of their monthly plans. An interesting move as T-Mobile tries to leach more customers from the big two.

Why did my previously unlocked T-Mobile phone suddenly become locked again?

Episode 908

Steve from Mill Valley, CA

Steve unlocked his T-Mobile phone when he went overseas, but when he came back to the US, T-Mobile locked it back down again. Leo said to ask T-Mobile to unlock it again, and they gave him a new unlock code. He can't get to the point where he can enter the code, though. Leo says he can try dialing the code in the dialer as if he's calling it, and that might unlock it.

Leo says when he gets his next phone, he should just buy it unlocked. It won't be subsidized, but then he can put other SIM cards in it and it will never be locked.