Is a hardwired Fire TV more secure?

ART from Monrovia, CA

Episode 1506

Art bought an Amazon Fire TV and wants to know if he can hardwire it for security. Leo says that a standard FireTV is wifi only. The FireTV Cube offers an adapter dongle for it. And if your FireTV has an ethernet can do it. But if it doesn't, then you can't. Is it more secure? Leo says no. But it is faster and more consistent since you don't have to deal with congestion. Is a buy your own modem more secure? Leo says probably not. But you can save a lot of money in the long run by not renting your ISP's modem.

Why does my video stream stutter sometimes?

Episode 1501

Louis from Santa Ana, CA
Ethernet Cable

Louis is watching baseball games streaming online and sometimes the feed stalls. Leo says that's called buffering, and sometimes a packet drops and the feed will wait to see if it shows up out of order. Then it will insert it and move on. Sometimes, though, it just gives up and continues. There are some causes of this, including congestion from a wireless connection. But Louis can get a dual band router and use the 5Ghz band, or just connect to the router with an ethernet connection. The stream will be more reliable that way.

Judge Approves AT&T/Time Warner Merger, Opening the Floodgates

Episode 1498

AT&T Logo

A federal judge approved the merger of Time Warner and AT&T this week, opening the floodgates for even more large mega corporate mergers. Comcast moved almost instantly to provide a massive bid on 21st Century Fox, outbidding Disney by over 15%, setting off a huge bidding war. Leo says that the judge got it wrong and this represents a serious problem for consumers, even though customers like it because it saves them money in the short run.

Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1497

Scott Wilkinson

Over at AVSForum, Scott has an article on how to watch the World Cup in 4K HDR. You basically need to either be a Comcast subscriber with the Infinity X1 service, or be a DirecTV subscriber. For Comcast, it will also be a one day delay, and in Spanish! Leo says that makes it useless in today's world. Layer 3, owned by T-Mobile also has coverage.

Streaming online, you can get the World Cup if you have a HiSense TV. There's an app for it that you can install.

Why can't I connect my iPhone to my Roku?

Episode 1494

Christian from Oconomowoc, WI
Roku Ultra

Christian recently bought a Lightning to HDMI cable to connect his phone to his Roku, but it doesn't work with Hulu. It only plays the sound, not the picture. Leo says it sounds like it isn't HDCP compliant. Copy Protection is probably what he's running up against. Hulu's site says it doesn't support it. There may be a workaround, though. He should try scrubbing through the timeline. According to the chatroom, 9/10 times it will bring the video back. Another solution is to log out and log back in. But if he has a Roku device, why not just use the Roku app?

Why doesn't my 4K TV stream Netflix in 4K?

Episode 1493

Steve from California
Roku Streaming Stick+

Steve is frustrated with his Vizio 4K smart TV, which has a Netflix app, but it only supports 1080p and not 4K. Leo says that's because the TV is using an older version of the Netflix app. Leo recommends getting a Roku or Apple TV and then use the 4K version of the app, and it will stream in 4K. This is why Leo prefers so-called "dumb" TVs which don't have smart apps. He uses a Roku, which gets updated far more often and supports 4K apps.