What's the best HDTV for gaming?


Episode 1010

Andrew from Rochester, MI

Roger wants an HDTV that he can use for gaming, and he needs it to have low latency. Leo says that the key feature is response time. Old style TV sets had a response time of virtually zero, which is why they're still the best option. LCDs are about 4 milleseconds, which isn't bad, but it does give some motion blur. Latency has to do with connectivity. If he can turn off processing, he'll get better performance.

What do you think of the Sony Experia Z?

Episode 997

Neil from California

Neil just got a new Sony Experia Z Android phone. Leo says he's heard it's a great phone with a great camera, but wonders about the interface. Neil says it's great. Leo says it should be in the top tier of phones for Android.

Another exciting Android phone is the Oppo Find Five. 5" screen, 1080p video and a 13MP camera. Very similar to the Experia. It's $500 for 16GB in white, $569 for 32 GB in black.

Sony and Microsoft Announce Next Generation Game Consoles at E3

Xbox and PS4

Episode 987

Microsoft and Sony both had announcements regarding their next generation gaming consoles at the E3 conference this week. The big news to take away from this is that Sony will have no restrictions for used and borrowed games on its Playstation 4, and it will be priced $100 cheaper than the $500 Xbox One from Microsoft. Both will be out in time for the holiday season this Fall.

What good, fast compact camera do you recommend?

Sony Cybershot DSC-600

Episode 934

Steve from Orange County, CA

Steve wants a good compact camera that he can take quick pictures with, and also works well in low light. Leo says that cameras have gotten faster and shutter lag is almost gone. When dealing with "pocket to picture" or power on time, that's still a challenge. Shooting in burst mode is a good thing as well.

Scott Wilkinson and Ultra High Defintion

Episode 931

Scott has seen the world's first consumer grade 4K television. He stood a few feet in front of the screen and he couldn't see any pixels, that's how high resolution it is. It costs $25,000, and comes with a 4K Media Server and 10 movies preloaded. Sony will periodically send users movie data discs so they can load up new movies from Sony Pictures. Scott hopes that other studios will want to join in on this, too. 4K is four times the resolution of high def, and 8K is already on the horizon. 8K will be so realistic, that it looks like the person is really there.