What should I get for my first smart phone? (Part 1)

Episode 1071

James from Woodland Hills, CA
Motorola Moto X

James is going to get his first smartphone and is considering getting an older model like the Samsung Galaxy S3. But should he just move forward and go with the latest HTC One? He doesn't want an iPhone, though. Leo says that in general, it's not a good idea to go with an older model because he'll lose out on the latest innovations. However, with Samsung, things have gotten worse because Samsung has loaded it with programs that users can't get rid of, in addition to what the carrier puts on it. At least the Galaxy S3 didn't have so much of that nonsense.

How can I upload a video to YouTube from my phone?

Hammid from Danbury, CT

Episode 1060

Hammid made a video on his phone and wants to upload it to YouTube. Leo says it's never been easier to upload to YouTube. He just has to log into YouTube through the settings of his phone and then share it straight from the phone. Or, he could just connect to iTunes, get the video off it, and then upload it. YouTube also has an app to do this. Hammid could use the YouTube Capture app, which will shoot the video and upload it automatically.

Blackberry Posts $4.4 Billion Loss in Third Quarter, Inks Foxconn Deal

Episode 1042

Blackberry reported a $4.4 billion loss in the third quarter, as it struggles to stay relevant against makers Samsung, Apple, and Motorola. Since the Canadian government won't allow for Blackberry's phone division to be sold outside of Canada, Blackberry has made a deal with Foxconn to produce devices for the Asian markets.

BlackBerry Inks Foxconn Deal After Dismal Quarter (PCMag)…,2817,2428609,00.asp