How can I get my images off my Galaxy SIV?

Steve from Chino Hills, CA

Episode 991

Steve has a Samsung Galaxy S4, but he's having trouble with the external microSD card causing the phone not to see his images. Leo says that there's a bug in the camera firmware of the GS4, when it comes to saving to the SD card. Leo says there's a firmware upgrade that addresses the issue. Android and SD cards have always been a mixed bag, and a necessary evil. This is why Leo saves to internal storage and uploads directly to DropBox to backup.

How can I get Samsung tech support to acknowledge a common issue with its Blu-ray players?

Episode 983

Lee from West Hills, CA
Samsung D5300 Blu-ray player

Lee has three identical Samsung Blu-ray players, model D5300, that can't play Blu-rays longer than approximately an hour and forty minutes. This started happening with a recent firmware update. When it reaches that point, the video slows down and the audio drops out. Lee has to stop and restart the disc to get it to work correctly.

Scott Wilkinson said he will look into this issue and find out if its a widespread issue. If it is, Samsung will just release another firmware update that will resolve the problem.

How can I root my Sprint Samsung Galaxy SIII?

Richard from Bell Flowers, FL

Episode 982

Richard has the Samsung Galaxy SIII and wants to root it, but he's having trouble finding a root method for it because it's on a Sprint MVNO. Leo says that it's possible the boot loader has been locked because of the MVNO and nobody has hacked it yet. If he can, CyanogenMod is a great option because it's pure Google. The Galaxy SIII is very well supported in terms of rooting.

Is there a way upgrade a phone and keep an unlimited data plan? (Part 1)

Matt from Fontana, CA

Episode 981

Matt recently upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and managed to keep his unlimited data plan through Verizon. Leo says that often third party independent cellular stores know of options that the carrier will simply refuse to offer. The independent operator wants to keep his customers happy, not the corporation. Matt says he was able to do it by using one of the other lines on his family plan. Leo says that's a great loophole. However, even "unlimited" isn't always unlimited. He may end up being throttled if he's a heavy data user.

How do I set a location based reminder in Android?

Episode 980

Samantha from California
Samsung Galaxy SIII

Samantha recently bought a Samsung Galaxy SIII and she likes the idea of the automatic reminders and "geo fencing." Leo says to tap the Google Search bar with the microphone and speak into it. Just say "Remind me to...when I get to..." and it will add it as a location based reminder. Once she gets used to the idea, it's great, especially if she's using with an app like Grocery IQ.