Why are HP Chromebooks being recalled?

Scott from North Edwards, CA

Episode 1031

Scott has heard that Chromebooks are being recalled. Leo says that the recall is applicable to the HP Chromebook, and it has to do with a potentially faulty power supply. So, just to be safe, HP is recalling them. This stuff happens and often it's just a precaution. Leo says that if he's going to get another one, avoid the Google brand because they are more expensive. The Acer and Samsung Chromebooks are a good deal.

What app should I use to backup my unrooted Android phone? (Part 2)

Will from Springfield, IL

Episode 1030

Will also wants to know what backup app would be good for an Android phone that isn't rooted. Leo suggests Helium App Sync and Backup from Clockwork Mod. He can get it free from the Google Play store.

Scott had the same issue and it turned out to be the battery that was causing the issue. Swapping out batteries may solve it.

What are the pro's and con's of the Galaxy Note 3?

Jim from

Episode 1024

Jim went to Europe and used his Samsung Galaxy Note as his sole computer option. He used it for backing up the photos he took and then uploaded them to the cloud. Leo says that's a great idea. He wants to get a Note 3 but he's heard some bad things about it. Leo says that the Note 3 has some great features. First it's bigger in screen size, but thinner and actually smaller than the Note 2 because of the smaller bezel. The OLED does have very accurate color.

How can I delete pre-loaded apps on my Samsung Galaxy SIV? (Part 1)

Tom from Ottawa, Canada

Episode 1016

Tom recently bought a Samsung Galaxy SIV Phone and he's got a ton of apps he can't delete. He hates it! Leo says that it's worse for Tom because Rogers loads apps on the phone as well. Leo says there's very little free space as a result, so he'll end up relying on his microSD card. However, the card is a "second class citizen" in that not all apps or widgets can be moved onto the card. If he roots it, he'll get 12GB of free space.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Note III worth it?

Episode 1012

Anthony from San Diego, CA

Anthony has the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and wants to know if the Note III is worth getting. Leo says the Note III was announced this week at IFA. It has a 5.7" screen, but not bigger than the Note 2. It's got a stitched leather back. It features a new pop-up menu when hovering the stylus over the screen. Multi-tasking improved, it has 3GB RAM, a 1280x1080p resolution screen, and a more powerful processor. It may just be worth upgrading to. It'll be here in early October.