How can I delete pre-loaded apps on my Samsung Galaxy SIV? (Part 1)

Tom from Ottawa, Canada

Episode 1016

Tom recently bought a Samsung Galaxy SIV Phone and he's got a ton of apps he can't delete. He hates it! Leo says that it's worse for Tom because Rogers loads apps on the phone as well. Leo says there's very little free space as a result, so he'll end up relying on his microSD card. However, the card is a "second class citizen" in that not all apps or widgets can be moved onto the card. If he roots it, he'll get 12GB of free space.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Note III worth it?

Episode 1012

Anthony from San Diego, CA

Anthony has the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and wants to know if the Note III is worth getting. Leo says the Note III was announced this week at IFA. It has a 5.7" screen, but not bigger than the Note 2. It's got a stitched leather back. It features a new pop-up menu when hovering the stylus over the screen. Multi-tasking improved, it has 3GB RAM, a 1280x1080p resolution screen, and a more powerful processor. It may just be worth upgrading to. It'll be here in early October.

Do you know when the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is coming out? (Part 2)

Dale from Palmdale, CA

Episode 1006

Leo says it will be announced September 4th, and it will probably be available within 3 weeks. Leo's not sure which carriers will have it, but it will most likely be AT&T since they had the Note 2. Leo's hopeful that Verizon and the others will also carry it. Nowadays Samsung is putting their devices on every carrier, not all at the same time, but Leo says it will probably end up on all carriers.

Which new Android phone should I get?

Episode 1003

Pat from Tampa, FL
Google Moto X

Pat wants to replace her Verizon HTC Thunderbolt and is thinking about the Galaxy S4 or the new Motorola Moto X. Leo says that while the Galaxy S4 is the best selling smartphone by far, Leo's not much of a fan of the Galaxy S4. It's really junked up with a lot of Samsung stuff she'll never use like watching where her eyes are looking.

The Moto-X is going to be "the" phone. It fits better in the hand, and Google Now is great. The camera is also very fast. Verizon won't get it for a few weeks, though.

Is there a way to connect my Samsung Galaxy S4 to the car without having to use bluetooth?

Episode 997

Randy from Richmond, VA
Samsung Galaxy S4

Randy listens to TWiT podcasts with his Droid connected to his car dock, but his Samsung Galaxy S4 will not pass audio from the phone to the computer without bluetooth. Leo says that's odd that they've taken those features out. He suspects it's because of Bluetooth that they've taken it out via the USB port. An audio jack plugged into the dock could work, but he'll have an extra wire running.