How can I organize all my open windows in macOS?

Episode 1383

Ken from Windsor, CAN
macOS Spaces

Ken uses multiple monitors and he has never been satisfied with how they are set up with color, and the bezels are distracting. He bought a 27" iMac to just rely on one large screen, but now he has a frustrating array of windows that are simply a mess. Leo says that Apple uses a virtual desktop management system that allows him to maximize a screen and switch between them by using the "Ctrl" key with the left and right arrow keys. That way he can focus on one active window and then easily change to the next task. It's much easier than trying to juggle multiple windows.

Will the latest version of iOS sync with my Mac running OS X Snow Leopard?

Episode 1358

Mark from Temecula, CA
Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Mark hasn't updated his iPhone because he's worried that doing so will prevent him from syncing with iTunes on his old MacBook. Where can he go to see what updates will support what versions of OS X? iOS 10 requires iTunes 12.5.1 to sync, so Mark is probably not going to want to update it. What version will work on Snow Leopard? Leo says that Mark can probably use the new version of iTunes on Snow Leopard, but this is worth verifying before he does anything.

Is removing a virus the same process on the Mac as it is on the PC?

Jay from Providence, NC

Episode 1159

Jay wants to know if removing viruses is the same between Mac and Windows. Leo says that there's a debate that Macs are either more secure, or are a smaller target because there are fewer of them. Leo says that malware writers are going to write for the largest segment of computers. But OS X is based on Unix and that's more secure than Windows. OS X also has an administrator requirement when installing software.

Should I switch from PC to Mac?

Episode 1158

Matt from Santa Maria, CA
MacBook Pro

Matt is a longtime PC user with computers that he needs to do a "tech refresh" with. Would it be better to make the switch to go along with his iPhone and iPad? His wife is reluctant to switch. Leo says there's a great compromise, however -- Windows runs beautifully on a Mac. Matt can run it under Boot Camp, which allows him to choose either at boot up, or he can run it virtually. He could buy a Windows machine, but it won't be able to run OS X. So Matt can tell her that they can have the best of both worlds!

How can I install Windows on my Mac Mini?

Episode 941

Peter from Brooklyn, NY
Apple Mac Mini

Peter just bought a MacMini and would like to run a dual boot OS setup with both OS X and Windows. Leo says he can do that with Boot Camp. To use Windows 8, he'll have to have updated drivers and there are many articles on the web on how to do it. Can he install Windows via USB key? Leo says yes, he can also just download the ISO to his USB key and point to it, and the Mac Mini will install it.

Should I run Windows in Boot Camp or Virtualization for video editing?

Mike from Louisville, KY

Episode 909

Mike has two iMacs, one from 2009 and 2010. He uses Boot Camp to dual boot with Windows, and he wants to use them for video editing. Would virtualization be better? Leo says no. He'll really need every bit of resources the computer has to edit video, so running Windows in Boot Camp is much better.