Why is my desktop internet so slow?

Che from Orlando, FL

Episode 1224

Che just bought a new Dell XPS Desktop and it's started to slow down drastically. He does a speed test, like Leo taught, and the desktop is much slower than his laptop. What gives? Leo says to try plugging the desktop directly into the router with an ethernet cable, and see if the speed improves. If so, then you've narrowed it down to the router. Leo says it could the hardware, but you could try reinstalling the WiFi connection. There may also be conflicting WiFi drivers at work between the hardware driver and the Windows driver. That can confuse windows and slow things down.

How can I add a Wi-Fi router to a wired house?

Don from Mission Viejo, CA

Episode 1223

Don just picked up the Del XPS 13 per Leo's recommendation with the touch screen and he loves it. Leo says when you buy a PC these days, it makes sense to "load it up" to future proof it and use it longer. Don bought a house a few years ago that came with a so-called "network box" that can run a computer network all around the the house via Ethernet. But the problem is, he'd like to get a new WiFi Router. But Leo says that having a WiFi router isn't necessary when you have a house that's wired up for Network access.

How can I get better Wi-Fi reception?

Phillip from Camarillo, CA

Episode 1222

Phillip's girlfriend is having issues with her Wi-Fi. Leo says that it could be an interference issue with metal frames and dead zones in her home. Would a range extender work? Leo says that they can if she gets one from the same manufacturer as the original router. But if the main home is using a router from the carrier, then that could be a problem. It would be better to buy a new router with the extender and match them together. Another option could be powerline networking.

How can I set up a home network?

Tom from Houston, TX

Episode 1216

Tom would like to set up a home network and he's pretty confused on how to do it. Where can he go to get some insider tips? Leo says that a great source is They not only have product reviews, but also tutorials that explain nomenclature and how to go about setting up a network. They keep it up to date, too. Start with "Backgrounders," to learn the basics. Then he can move on to how to set one up.

How can I share my internet access securely?

Anthony from Ontario, CA

Episode 1214

Anthony shares his internet access with a tenant who wants hardwire access to the modem. Leo says that makes it difficult to isolate, and he'll need a second router, or better yet, a third router. He should segment them on the network so that the tenant doesn't have access to Anthony's data. Leo recommends checking out for how to do it.

Why can't I connect to my Wi-Fi network?

Luis from Tarzana, CA

Episode 1212

Luis can't connect to his Wi-Fi at his house, but he can connect to other Wi-Fi networks. Leo says that the first thing to do is connect via ethernet, just to make sure he can connect wired. Then he should try and join the Wi-Fi while he's right next to the router. If he can't connect, he should try rebooting the router. Then reboot the laptop. Then try wired again. It could be a handshake issue.

Why can't I visit certain websites on my home network?

Max from Hawthorne, CA

Episode 1208

Max's computer has problems accessing websites from his home, but outside of his home, he gets it. Leo says reinstalling OS X and starting over may fix it. What an odd bug. The odd thing is that it's location based. Leo has a hunch it's a network issue, perhaps with the router. He might try resetting that as well. He should also make sure his OS is up to date.