Mobile Phones

What phone should I buy for traveling overseas?

Corky from Long Beach, CA

Episode 1137

Corky is ready to buy her first smartphone. She's going to be traveling to Spain and needs to know what kind of phone to get. Leo says that Corky should check out PrepaidWithData.Wikia.Com. It'll show you what data SIMS you can buy in the country you travel to. Roaming can be expensive and buying a local SIM is a great way to save a lot of money. The other option is to get an International Data Roaming plan. But they're pricey and doesn't include a lot of data. Most phones these days are "world phones," meaning that they will work anywhere. The iPhone is a great example.

Leo Gets the Google Nexus 6

Episode 1137

Leo bought the largest Android phone on the market, the Google Nexus 6.It does come with Android 5 - Lollipop. And he says it's a beautiful phone. However, when it comes to battery life, it leaves Leo a bit concerned. Although it has a bigger battery, it also comes with a quad HD screen, which is gorgeous, but really sucks up the battery power. He likes the dual front facing speakers though. And that makes sense.

Is there a feature phone with a keyboard?

Episode 1133

Rob from Huntington Beach, CA
Feature phone with keyboard

Rob would like to find a phone that has a physical keyboard on it. But he doesn't want a smartphone. Leo says there are standard feature phones out there, but Leo says that he doesn't know one that has a physical keyboard.

The Chatroom says that the Blackberry Passport is a good one. And it's likely that Rob will be able to get one rather cheap since Blackberry really isn't all that popular of late.

Google's New Phones Announced Day Before Apple's iPads

Episode 1127

Google announced a high end six inch phone! So large the code name was Shamu. Made by Motorola. Dual front facing speakers. Ultra HD screen. Highest res screens on the market. And it will compete directly with Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It'll also be run on Android 5.0, named Lollipop. Leo says that we're at the point where computers, tablets and phones are all mature and it's very hard to make giant leaps in features. But battery life will continue to improve.