Mobile Phones

How can I route my business calls to my iPhone?

Episode 1225

Benny from Phoenix, AZ
iPhone 6s

Benny just got hearing aids and he's trying to transfer his work calls to his iPhone so he can hear them through his hearing aids. Leo says that the Starkey App for the iPhone is great. But to route his business calls to the iPhone is a challenge. RingCentral has an app that can route it to his iPhone, but whether it works in concert with the Starkey app is another story.

How can I replace the emojis on my Android phone?

Episode 1224

Noah from Wyoming

Noah just got a new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android phone and the emoji's are "disgustingly ugly." Leo says that yes, Samsung's emoji's are ugly and the problem is that there is no standard or specification of how they are drawn. Noah can check out to see how they look from platform to platform. There's also And everyone has their own look.

Why can't I use Google apps on my phone?

Tony from Las Vegas, NV

Episode 1223

Tony's mobile phone is having trouble with Google apps. Leo says if all of his Google apps have been affected, that means it's the backend services that are broken, which is a side effect of having an open source scheme. Leo says that Google has redesigned their apps to "look" like apps, but they are mostly web driven. So he'll have to make sure all of his software updates are done, from the carrier and Google Play store.

Can I use my new AT&T iPhone with T-Mobile?

Episode 1223

Evan from Los Angeles, CA
Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

Evan bought an iPhone 6s Plus on the first day. He hears there's a different phone for AT&T, though. Leo says that's true. The AT&T iPhone is different, but only in that it has an extra band. Leo says that's not a bad thing as the AT&T model has a lower frequency to pass through walls. But can it work with other carriers? Leo says that nobody has really addressed it, but with all the bands that it has, it's a question an RF engineer might be able to answer. Leo's betting if he put the SIM in it, it should work in most cases.

What should I replace my Moto X with?

Episode 1221

Mike from Canyon Lake, CA
Motorola Moto X

Mike wants to know if the OnePlus Two is a good deal. He recently returned the Motorola Moto X and is looking at getting one to replace it. Leo says that the OnePlus Two has started to leave him cold, and the Motorola Moto X doesn't have security features like a fingerprint scanner. Leo says that while the Moto X has a 21 MP camera, it doesn't have good low light performance without optical image stabilization. And the battery life has left him disappointed because it doesn't last all day. Neither does the OnePlus Two, however.

Why do apps crash on my Android phone?

DeeDee from Minneapolis, MN

Episode 1220

DeeDee has a Samsung Galaxy S3 and has been having issues with apps crashing. Leo says that the Samsung TouchWiz interface could be causing the issue. Phones with a pure version of Android like the OnePlus Two and the Google Nexus never have the issue. So the interface is just taking up too much RAM as it's running on top of Android. Android also needs more memory. Leo advises doing a complete reset and avoid modern games because they expect a more powerful processor to run.