Mobile Phones

How can I get Apple to replace my iPhone?

Episode 1288

Kim from San Diego, CA
Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

Kim dropped her iPhone and broke the screen. Apple said she has to buy a new phone because it's bent and the display won't seat. She hears that it's a common problem. Does she have any recourse? Leo says not really. Metal phones can be bent and Apple has not acknowledged any potential flaw. This is why buying Apple Care is a good investment. They will treat her better if she's bought it. Leo says that Apple gives a lot of leeway to Geniuses to replace phones, but she'll catch more flies with sugar then vinegar. But these devices are fragile and they can break.

Why doesn't OK Google work on my phone?

Alan from Brea, CA

Episode 1286

Alan is having an issue with his new phone where he tries to use OK Google and he can only do it once, then it ignores him. Leo says that's an odd behavior. If he sees a wavy line, the phone is listening. But if it doesn't hear him to begin with, it may be a conflict between OK Google and Samsung's S Voice feature. Leo recommends going into settings to disable it or make it not active. It's likely that the Google Voice recognition and Samsung voice recognition are in conflict.

Could I waterproof my phone to take underwater photos with it?

Episode 1285

Tommy from Tustin, CA

Tommy wants to know if he could waterproof a phone and bring it into the water and use it as a camera. Leo says that there are water resistant phones, but he'd have to really understand what that means. IP ratings will tell just how water resistant it is based on 30 minutes in 1 1/2 meter of water. But that's in ideal conditions, too.