Mobile Phones

Can a cellphone give me brain cancer?

Jeff from Fullerton, CA

Episode 1184

Jeff is worried that using a cellphone is dangerous because of electromagnetic radiation. Leo says that there's no evidence at all that you can get brain cancer from a cellphone.The theory is sensible because electromagnetic radition can damage human cells, but it's in proportion to the power output and cellphones are just too low power to do that. And people don't really use smart phones as actual phones anymore. They use them as handheld computers.

How can I back up my text messages?

Marti from San Bernadino, CA

Episode 1184

Marti has an old mobile phone from 2010 and is looking to get a new phone, but she wants to be able to get her text messages backed up. How can she do that? Leo says Marti's biggest problem is the age of her phone. There are apps that can maybe do it, like BitPim, but they're buggy. You could forward the text to yourself. Email them to yourself. Check to see if you can save texts to your SIM card. If you have that, you could save a few at a time and then move them over. But without a USB connector, you're stuck with forwarding your texts and paying for it.

What laptop should I buy?

Dana from Redondo Beach, CA

Episode 1184

Dana says that the best carrier in Santa Monica depends on who you're calling and where you're calling from. Different phones work better in different areas because of algorithms. Some carriers are going to be better in certain zones than others. But she says that T-Mobile is the best out there based on her experience as a phone company executive. She's looking for a new phone through her T-Mobile network. She's looking at the new Blackberry Classic along with a new laptop with Windows 7 on it. Is HP and an i7 good? Are those choices good? Leo says those are good, sure.

Where can I go for good reviews on Android phones?

Michael from Orange, CA

Episode 1184

Michael is looking for a new phone but he really doesn't know if he can trust the reviews. Leo says that the mobile phone is a personal choice, and it's hard to give a blanket review of what's the best phone out there. It largely comes down to what you're looking for. Leo says that the phones that Michael is looking at, he hasn't really tried because they are the basic, low cost phones, not the flagship phones. But since Michael doesn't need or want to spend much, and he just wants a basic phone that does a bit of Internet access, then there's plenty out there.

A Recap of Microsoft's Build 2015 Conference

Episode 1183

At the Build 2015 conference, Microsoft announced that developers will be able to write an app for Windows 10 that will work on all platforms, including the desktop and phone. And in a last ditch effort to save the Windows Phone platform, Microsoft has begun offering support to mobile app developers to port their programs from iOS or Android to run on it. Candy Crush and Cut the Rope have recently announced Windows Phone versions.

Why are my SD cards corrupting with my Samsung Galaxy S4?

Episode 1182

Jeff from Richmond, VA
Samsung Galaxy S4

Jeff has a Samsung Galaxy S4 and he's having issues with his microSD cards, where his images have disappeared. He's looked online and it sounds like it's a widespread issue. He tried to download them from his computer, but it wants to format the card. Leo says that it sounds like the SD card is corrupted. Leo has never had the issue. But with millions of phones made, they're bound to have a certain small percentage of users who have any particular issue.

What's a good backup battery for my mobile phone?

Episode 1179

Todd from Topeka, KS
Aukey external battery

Todd is going to be travelling to the Grand Canyon and he's not sure what kind of reception he'll be getting. Leo says the Canyon isn't ideal for cellphone coverage. Will it work OK with power? Leo says he can get huge backup battery to charge it back up. A 10,000 mAh battery would be able to recharge three times before needing to be recharged. Anker makes a great one.

How good is the reception with the new iPhone?

Episode 1179

Jim from Saginaw, MI
Apple iPhone 6

Jim has an iPhone 4 and he's ready to upgrade. Do the newer phones get better reception? Leo says that the answer is yes. The iPhone 4 was the "antenna gate" iPhone, the phone that Apple claimed we were holding wrong. Those issues have since been designed out of the phone and they have much better reception. The new iPhone 6 antenna works better. Apple redid the reception indicator in order to get a more accurate read as well. Leo calls it arrogance that Apple held customers in contempt for complaining about bad reception.

Can you use something other than a fingerprint for Touch ID?

Episode 1178

Brad from Peoria, IL
Apple iPhone 6

Brad hears that you don't have to use your fingerprint for Apple's Touch ID -- you can actually use other body parts. Knuckles, palms, and even noses can work. Some guitar players or construction workers who have callouses on their fingers may not be able to use fingerprints. So for those people, they need to think outside the box.