Mobile Phones

Where can I get a good deal on the Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE?

Eric from Lake Forest, CA

Episode 1325

Eric is looking to pick up a Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE for his wife. Leo says it's a really nice phone and since it's a bit older, you can get it for a good price. Is $795 good? Leo says that's $50 less than when it was introduced. He saw it at $650 unlocked. Leo says since Eric is with Verizon, you have to get it supported by them. Leo advises going to Amazon Wireless. You could shop around, but the question is, will Verizon support it? Leo also advises Expansys. There's a 32GB Black for $629, TItanium for $699. Both through Amazon. Go there.

Should I go with Google Fi?

Naomi from Denver, CO

Episode 1325

Naomi is ready to get a Good Nexus Andriod phone along with Google Fi. Leo says that Google's new phone is going to be the PIXEL, not the Nexus. So Leo would advise waiting until they are announced. As for Google FI. Leo is a total fan. $20 for unlimited voice, text and then you pay as you go for data at $10 a gig. Google Fi won't work with Verizon without roaming though. The chatroom says that the Nexus 6P does work with Verizon, but they not through Google Fi.

Will resetting my iPhone speed it up?

Episode 1324

Josh from Wichita Falls, TX
Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

Josh has an iPhone 6s Plus and he's thinking that it's been slowing down lately. Should he wipe the phone and start over to get it to run faster? Leo says that he can, but it really won't help much. He can backup his phone and then restore it. Apple has changed the process and the apps have to redownloaded and installed, though. An older phone may have the need to wipe and speed up, but a newer phone like the 6s Plus shouldn't need it.

Can I use the new iPhone with any carrier?

Episode 1323

Kenny from Virginia
Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Kenny wants to get an iPhone 7. Leo says that the Verizon version isn't locked thanks to a deal with the FCC. So he can put a SIM card in it and use it with any other carrier. He'll have to activate it first, though. The problem is that Apple isn't selling unlocked phones until a few months later, so if he buys an iPhone, he has to choose a carrier. The T-Mobile phone does not have to be activated with T-Mobile and Leo's AT&T iPhone worked with a T-Mobile SIM. So if he looks beyond the marketing, he can see the reality.

What printer and cell phone should I get?

Dennis from Marina Del Rey

Episode 1323

Dennis needs to buy a printer and a cell phone. He had an Epson Artisan, but it's broken. He really doesn't have to print more than 50 pages a year. Leo likes the new Epson EcoTank printer because they have a tank of ink that'll last years and for light duty printing they're ideal because they don't clog over time. If he runs out of colors, it'll still print in black and white. Another option is a laser printer. He can get one for under $100 and it doesn't matter how long he goes in between print jobs.

iPhone 7 Is Now Shipping

Episode 1323

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Leo was able to be one of the first to pick up the iPhone 7 Plus and he got it yesterday in the mail. But he had to settle for gold. How 2014. Leo says that just by looking at the front, you wouldn't know it's a new model unless you saw the missing headphone jack.And the irony is that it's got a dummy speaker grill replacing the headphone jack because of "symmetry." Apple says it's a baffle to equalize pressure between the phone and outside so it can use it's software altimeter.