What's a good alternative for Quicken?


Episode 1544

Greg from Mission Viejo, CA

Greg would like an alternative to Quicken. He doesn't like the subscription service, and is tired of buying upgrades. He would prefer a Mac option that Turbo Tax will support. Leo says that he thinks Intuit wants everyone to move towards Mint, which is free. Mint automatically imports bank and credit card information. It does a great job categorizing as well. There's an open source app called Money Manager EX, which Leo says is designed for those looking to leave Quicken.

Is there an app that can organize my taxes?


Episode 1457

Dan from Orange County, CA

Dan wants to know if there's an app that will automatically look at his bank account and divide up his expenses to categorize them for taxes. Leo says that spreadsheets were designed with a database feature which will certainly do that. All he needs to do is set it up. There are also spreadsheet templates for Excel and others which are likely available to do what he wants. Leo also says that it may be worth doing with Mint. It's free and has a lot of automatic features.

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What are alternatives to Microsoft Money?

Episode 1225

Phil from Simi Valley, CA

Phil has been using Microsoft Money and he knows they don't support it anymore. Leo says that Money used to use features that are no longer supported, so they released a "sunset" version that doesn't support those features. Phil uses it on his Mac in Parallels, but it's pretty slow. Leo says that there are three virtual machine apps that work well -- Parallels, VMWare Fusion, and Oracle's free VirtualBox.

Why did Mint alert me of a low balance 2 weeks late?

Episode 1182

Bennie from Pasadena, CA

Mint is a website and app that was bought by Intuit, the makers of the popular Quicken program. Instead of having to enter in every transaction manually, Mint can automatically categorize your transactions and show account information. It's secure and safe, but sometimes Mint's notifications are late. Bennie doesn't have to worry though, Mint is secure.