How can I uninstall Search Donkey?

Peter from Tustin, CA

Episode 1095

Peter was looking for video codecs and he got bit by some malware called "Search Donkey." Leo says that even legitimate sites can get bit by malware. And places like CNet will install adware in their installer without really drawing attention to it. Leo says that the only difference between Malware and Adware is that Adware lets the user uninstall and technically gives an opt out on installation (if the user can find it).

New Hampshire PD Infected with CryptoLocker, Refuses to Pay Ransom

Episode 1090

The police department in a New Hampshire town has been infected with Cryptolocker and the city has refused to pay the tribute to get their data back. This is the opposite reaction from a Massachusetts police department that decided to pay up to get their data. Leo says that if the PD was backing up their data, they wouldn't have to pay up. Clearly, they haven't been. And that's not good.

How can I speed up my computer?

Chris from California

Episode 1085

Chris' computer is really slow. Leo says that could likely be malware that's causing the computer to devote its time to things he doesn't know about. He advises scanning the computer with the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool and his AntiVirus software. It could also indicate that the hard drive is starting to fail.

Leo suggests reinstalling Windows and starting over. He should backup his data, reinstall Windows and then update it. He'll have a computer that runs a lot faster.

How can I get rid of adware?

Lou from Inland Empire, CA

Episode 1084

Lou has adware and after scanning for it, it hasn't disappeared. Leo says that adware is annoying, but most antivirus software doesn't view it as malware because the user chooses to install the software that had the adware in it. He can probably remove it through "add/remove programs". Leo advises getting rid of TechGenie and whatever's left of McAfee, and install only Microsoft's Security Essentials. Lou should also run the Malicious Software Removal Tool. Start -> Run -> type "MRT" return.

Why am I getting popups to run Windows Installer?

Michele from Rapid City, SD

Episode 1083

Michele accidentally clicked on an ad and now she keeps getting pop ups to download "Windows updater." Leo says that's malware and to avoid it. Leo also thinks that Michele hasn't gotten a virus just yet. But since she clicked on the ad, there may be a cookie there that keeps bringing it up. Leo advises running MalwareBytes, but she should only download it from There are bad versions out there that are designed to confuse people. Always download software from the original designer.

What is "Windows Version Installer" that keeps popping up?

Patricia from California

Episode 1078

Patricia got a new Dell computer since her XP machine was getting really old. She's finding it challenging to learn. She has Microsoft Security Essentials on it, but she keeps getting something called "Windows Version Installer" that's popping up. Leo suspects it's just Windows installer wanting to run an update, and should be OK. She says it won't stop popping up, though. Leo says Patricia is right in her instinct to be concerned, but it seems a normal request to update the Windows installer.

How can I protect myself from a keystroke logger?

Jose from New Orleans, LA

Episode 1076

Jose wants to know about keystroke loggers. He's concerned that his passwords would get recorded if he pasted them in. Leo says they probably wouldn't. They tend to focus on keyboard strokes. Leo says that keystroke loggers are only put on computers of specific people that are being targeted. They are too much work to be a mass virus attack. Just practice safe computing with these tips: