Why is my data disappearing?

Kevin from Malibu, CA

Episode 1472

Kevin is having issues of files and folders disappearing in Windows 10. They're just gone. Why did it happen? Leo says that obviously that's not supposed to happen. It's easy to accidentally drag a file or folder somewhere without knowing it. Use the search feature. You can search for files and folders. Look in the trash can. It could be a failing hard drive. It could be malware. Some malware will do it. Windows Key + CMD type MRT for the malicious software removal tool. That will look for malware.

How can I protect my email account in Outlook?

Nathan from Canada

Episode 1472

Nathan gets a lot of "sketchy emails," and he wants to know how he can avoid that. Leo says you can't really, but most email programs can render any malware written into an HTML formatted email neutral. And if you're using your mobile device, there's really no exploits that can hijack your phone. It's possible, but not really. And malware emails are more dangerous in a browser, rather than an email client. So you should be fine. But you can turn off html in the settings if that worries you.

Do I have malware?

Sarah from Prescott, AZ

Episode 1471

Sarah is worried she may have malware on her system. She ran malware bytes and it says she has 170 possible malware issues. Leo says that probably isn't the case. Malware Bytes will give you false positives, or over react to things in your browser it doesn't like. Malware Bytes can also slow your computer down. What really probably happened is that your browser simply crashed. Leo suspects that Sarah's hard drive is getting flaky, and is starting to fail. The good news is, her computer is only a few months old and she can have it repaired under warranty.

Jackpotting Attack Hits US ATMs

Episode 1458


There's a new attack that has been affecting ATMs around the world, and it's called "Jackpotting." It causes ATMs to dispense all of its cash. Hackers are using endoscopes to gain access to the interior of an ATM in order to connect to it and hack into the ATM's Windows XP operating system. Then, the once the malware is installed, a remote command is given to spew out 40 bills every 23 seconds.


Does a popup saying I'm infected mean I've been hacked?

Episode 1457

Jay from Long Beach, CA
uBlock Origin

Jay keeps getting a popup when surfing that says he's been infected with a virus. Should he be worried? Leo says no. Chances are, it's the website that has been hacked, and a piece of javascript has been put into that site. If he closes out the website, it simply goes away. It may also end up being some sort of extension that got installed in his browser. Jay should clear out all his extensions and it should solve it.

Is my Mac infected with malware?

Episode 1457

Brad from Wells, NV
MacBook Pro

Brad accidentally downloaded some malware, but he can't find it to remove it. Leo says downloading a file is only half the equation. He then would have to run it. Since he can't find it, even in his download log, it's likely it was a failed download. On top of that, Brad runs a Mac, so he's even more secure than Windows. But he should always make sure he keeps his computer updated, just in case.

Spectre and Meltdown Flaws Continue To Plague Intel

Episode 1457

With the now infamous Spectre and Meltdown processor flaws affecting every intel based computer for the last ten years, Intel pushed out a fast fix to plug the holes. Now they're saying not to use it. It seems that some computers will get stuck in a reboot loop. So the cure is worse than the disease. To date, there's been no evidence that the Spectre and Meltdown flaws have been exploited, so Leo is wondering if the right advice is to do nothing at all. At least until a new fix has been released, or that malware shows up that will take advantage of it.

Why is my browser typing strange text?

Episode 1450

Jeff from Apple Valley, CA
Laptop keyboard

Jeff is getting strange random key strokes appearing in his browser bar. Leo says to try a different browser. Windows comes with both Edge and Internet Explorer. If it happens in both browsers, it could be a failing keyboard. Jeff should unplug his keyboard and try a new one. If he still has the issue, then it's a Windows problem, which could be malware or a browser hijack. He could try resetting his browser first. If that solves the problem, then he's fine. If not, then it may be that he'll need to reinstall Windows from a known good source.

Processor Hack Affects All Computers Made in Last Ten Years

Episode 1451


The latest exploit "Spectre" affects every single chip made in the last ten years. At first, security researchers thought that the exploit only affected Intel processors, but it turns out this hack also effects ARM, AMD, and any other processor that uses speculative prediction. The white hat hackers who found the flaw discovered that you can use it to access valuable data including passwords and other information. Leo says that Microsoft has already pushed out a fix, and Apple's High Sierra has patched the vulnerability with a recent fix. Apple has also patched the iPhone and iPad.