Why doesn't my landline work?

Episode 1480

Gloria from Valley Village, CA

Gloria is having trouble getting a local radio station over her landline. Leo says that often happens when living near a powerful 50,000 watt radio station. It can not only leach into phone lines, but also teeth fillings. She also has a modem connected via splitter so she can plug in her phone. Leo says to try removing everything and plug the phone directly into the wall. Leo suspects the phone line was accidentally cut, and she should call the phone company.

How can I connect my cell phone to a cordless base station?

Vtech DS6522-4 4 Handset Connect to Cell Answering System

Episode 1297

Keetahn from Walnut, CA

Keetahn wants to know if he can hardwire a speaker to his cell phone that will let people hear the phone ringing in another room. Leo says that a Bluetooth speaker would be ideal, but the problem is that it can lose connectivity and would need re-pairing. Leo says the best is a base station corded phone that he can pair with his cell phone service.

Can I use data with a MiFi instead of cable or DSL internet?

Episode 1292

Judy from Sierra Madre, CA

Judy has been switched to Frontier and now her landline has vanished. So she can't call out or receive calls. Is there a way she can just get her internet from a MiFi and smartphones? Leo says absolutely. The MiFi would allow her to use apps like Skype, Tango, and others to purchase minutes to call any landline using it. Then she'd have a phone number. The downside is that she won't have 911 support. So when she dials 911, she'd get a regional center and it's harder for them to find exactly where she is.

Why does my iPhone echo when I get a call from a landline?


Episode 1143

Paul from Pasadena, CA

Paul just upgraded to an Apple iPhone 6 Plus, but every time he gets a call from a landline, he gets an echo. Could it be the Wi-Fi calling feature or noise suppression? Could it be a T-Mobile issue? Leo doesn't think so. But it could be a delay when talking from Wi-Fi or cellular to the landline. This is an odd issue that often happens on the radio show. And they've never been able to track it down. Leo says to get Apple to replace the iPhone. If it still happens, it's the network, not the phone.

Should I keep my landline?

Landline Phone

Episode 1086

John from Worcester, MA

John made the change from land lines to cellphones and he's been told by Verizon to keep that corded phone plugged in to make 911 calls. Leo says that's a great idea and good on Verizon if that's true.

He's also heard of the text 911 service. Leo says that's an interesting concept, especially if you're disabled or have accessibility issues. Or even of you are in danger and can't actually make a phone call. Still, though, it seems a bit odd. Leo would stick with the landline, and thinks it would be a great idea if a phone company offered free emergency service.

Should I be concerned about VOiP service Ooma going out of business?

Episode 915

Rob from Orange County, CA

Rob owns a business and he uses a telephone system called Ooma. Leo says that Ooma is great, and he recently did a KnowHow episode about it. Rob's concerned that being forced into a lifetime subscription may leave users high and dry if it goes out of business. However, it's been around for a few years now and the longer it stays in business, the more likely it'll stay around.

Do I really need a land line for my business?

Episode 915

Don from Los Angeles, CA

If for no other reason, landlines are good because he gets 911 emergency. They're also carrying their own power, so in the event of a disaster, he can still make calls. There is a thing called e911 that is through a VOIP service or cellphone, but it's not nearly as accurate as the real 911 is. Also, if the internet is down, it won't work anyway.

Since Don is running a theater business, he's going to want the security that comes with a landline.