Why am I getting an 'unresponsive script' warning whenever I open LastPass?

Gordon from Long Island, NY

Episode 1206

Whenever Gordon opens up LastPass, he gets a warning about an unresponsive script and it won't let him continue. Leo says it's damaged. Like a lot of things, LastPass uses JavaScript for the local scripting. Leo suggests uninstalling it and removing the extension, then re-downloading and installing the latest version. He doesn't have to worry about losing his passwords because it stores the passwords encrypted on LastPass's servers.

How can I stop using Adobe Flash?

Roy from Orange County, CA

Episode 1118

Roy keeps getting requests to update Flash when listening to podcasts. And it always crashes. Leo says he hates Adobe Flash with a PASSION and everyone uses it, so he's stuck with it and all it's warts. That's why Leo recommends that if you have to use Flash, that you use it through Google's Chrome browser. What Google does in Chrome is build Flash into the browser and it's updated regularly by Google and it's isolated so it doesn't crash your browser if it crashes. It should work better for you.

Why does my computer keep asking me to install Java?

Larry from Loma Linda, CA

Episode 1044

Larry has a flashing blue and gold shield that wants him to install a java program. He says no, but it pops up again a few minutes later. Leo says it could be benign, or it could be a concern. Java is a programming language and many websites use it. But Larry's computer is set up correctly to ask permission to install it. It bothers Leo that it says "Publisher unknown," and not "Oracle." Leo says to keep saying no is the best move.

Why won't my computer load comments on Yahoo News anymore?

Mike from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 978

Mike is having trouble loading comments on Yahoo News when he visits. Leo says that comments are Javascript, which may be blocked by his antivirus.
Since he has a lot of security programs running, Leo advises disabling those. He should check his browser's settings to see if Javascript is enabled. Since he can view javascript comments on other sites, that's probably not the case.

How do I fix malware and javascript issues?

Richard from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 938

Richard signs onto a web pages and when he goes to sign out, it won’t let him. He can’t even scroll back up to the top. Leo says that’s likely a javascript error. There is some malware that does “cross site scripting,” which captures mouse clicks and will cause a similar issue. Leo recommends running both a full scan of his Anti Virus software, and then adding a full scan from Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool.

Rootkit Revealer from Microsoft’s SysInternals site may also help and he can always reset his browser, clearing cache and history.

Why can't I get search results to show up with Javascript enabled?

Mike from Maine

Episode 933

Mike is using Google in Firefox and cannot get search results if he has javascript enabled. If he disables javascript, it's all fine. It doesn't do this in Chrome or IE, and he's disabled all of his add-ons. He even tried using it in Firefox Safe Mode, but the same problem persists. He also has up to date antivirus on his computer, and is keeping Windows up to date.