iPhone 8

Should I buy the new iPhone 8?

Howard from California


Howard has an iPhone 7 and is thinking of getting an iPhone 8. Should he? Rich says to save your money. The battery life won't be any better. The A11 processor is faster however, so if that's a deal breaker, then get the iPhone 8. But if not, then the next spec is the camera. Is it better? Yes. But it's not $800 better. Then there's the resale value of your old phone, which will be cut in half. So you're still going to have to spend at least $300-400 to upgrade. The iPhone 8 does have wireless charging, but Rich says it's too new.

Should I return my iPhone 7?

Paul from Diamond Bar, CA

Episode 1424

Paul got a great deal on the iPhone 7, but now that the iPhone 8 is out, he's wondering if he should take it back and get the iPhone 8. Rich says that the iPhone 7 is a year old, and you'll only spend another $100 to get the iPhone 8. It'll be faster, better camera, double the storage. It's definitely worth paying the extra money and since he's within his two week return period, go for it. But Paul may also have to pay a restocking fee. So it's best to ask about that. You don't want to pay $50 for that mistake.

Apple Launches the iPhone 8

Episode 1424

Apple announced the iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus this week. It's the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, but Rich says that while a decade ago there were lines around the block, this time around, there was nobody waiting to get one. But that's not because the iPhone falls flt. Quite the opposite. It's because most people are ordering their iPhone 8 online. It could be that people are waiting for the iPhone X, though he believes the iPhone 8 may be a better phone. He's been using it for a few days now and Tom's Hardware says it's the fastest phone in the world.

New iPhones Announced, but the Note 8 Is Here Now

Episode 1423

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Apple unveiled the new iPhone 8, 8 Plus and the tenth anniversary iPhone X, but Leo says he's not really thrilled. Leo says it's more of a refresh of the iPhone 7, and the iPhone X is too expensive. But it does have wireless charging via Qi, which is good.

Leo is more excited about the new Android phones coming out, especially the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The Note 8 also has wireless Qi charging, and an OLED screen. And you don't have to wait until November or later to get it, like the iPhone X.

Apple Announces New iPhones, Apple Watch with LTE, and 4K Apple TV

Episode 1422

Apple iPhone X

This week, Apple christened the new Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park with the announcement of the LTE version of the Apple Watch Series 3, which shares your iPhone's phone number and will work independently from the phone. The Apple TV will be 4K with HDR, and 4K movies will be the same cost for rental and purchase. Any HD titles you already have will be automatically upgraded to 4K as well.

Code Leak in iOS 11 Says New iPhone will be iPhone 8

Episode 1421


Code embedded into beta releases of iOS 11 reveal that Apple may be calling the new iPhone the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. The same code indicates that the tenth anniversary iPhone will be called iPhone X. But Leo doesn't buy it. He says that Apple has never used the X in anything but OS X, and that the current trend for higher end models is to call them the Pro line. So Leo believes the tenth anniversary iPhone will be called the iPhone Pro. But the 10th anniversary is still significant and unique. We'll find out on Tuesday, Sept. 12th.