Why can't my iPad get my email?

Margie from Esplante, UT

Episode 1174

Margie has an iPad 2 with iOS 8.1. Now she's finding that she can't get Yahoo mail. Then she could. Now she can't. What's going on? Leo says that there's an issue with iOS that it corrupts the name of your yahoo email. So one way to fix that is to remove it and then added it back with the full email address. Another option is to bypass the use of the Apple mail and use Yahoo's own app. Also update to iOS 8.2.

How can I manage Gmail theads?

Nancy from Redding, PA

Episode 1173

Nancy wants to know how to keep a thread straight on Gmail. If she deletes an email, she deletes the thread? Leo says it depends on settings, it's called conversation view. You can turn the threading off. And you can delete replies, here's how. This may be different in the iPad. Try expanding all threads and then see if you can delete individual ones. Leo doesn't like threading because it's so confusing for issues like this. Especially in the iPad.

How can I access my desktop from my tablet?

Episode 1153

Rob from Tarzana, CA
Desktop computer

Rob's job keeps him on the road, and he wants access to his desktop PC at home via his laptop or iPad. What's a good option, and can he do it without adding an app? Leo says that he can do it in a browser, but it's better in an app.

Atlas Remote Access on the iPad works well, according to the chatroom. There's also TeamViewer. But he'll need to install something. Google Chrome Remote requires installing an extension, but if the hardware isn't locked down from browser extensions, that's an option.

How can I connect my iPad to my stereo?

Episode 1148

John from Hisperia, CA
Stereo receiver

John wants to know the best way to play music from his iPad to his older stereo equipment. Leo says that he'll need to convert the digital data to analog before connecting it with a digital to analog converter. There's a dock that Apple makes that connects through the 30 pin connector.

The other option is to get an Apple TV and use AirPlay to do it if his stereo is connected to the TV. But the easiest way is to just use the audio minijack and plug it into an auxiliary input on the stereo.

How can I get Yahoo Mail on my iPad?

Episode 1145

Nancy from Redding, CA
Apple iPad

Nancy is having trouble getting her Yahoo email using the iPad Mail app. Leo says there is a good Yahoo Mail client that works really well. Leo thinks that Yahoo itself is a frustrating experience and Leo prefers to use Gmail. She could tell Gmail to go get her Yahoo mail for her and download it into her Gmail account.

She also saw that her mail was automatically deleted from her Yahoo account. Can she get it back? Leo says it shouldn't automatically delete. Leo advises getting rid of Yahoo and using Gmail.

Can I downgrade to iOS 7?

Episode 1134

Walter from Huntington Beach, CA
Apple iPad

Walter wants to downgrade to iOS 7 but Apple says he can't. Leo says that's right. There's no going back. There used to be a loophole to restore to iOS 7, but it won't work because Apple stopped signing iOS 7 and he won't be able to activate it. Leo does recommend talking to a Genius at the Apple Store. They may know some "secret sauce." Otherwise his only option may be to jailbreak it.