Why can't I connect to the internet?

Gina from Hollywood, CA

Episode 1074

Gina tried to change her Windows account to a limited user, but now she has no internet connection. What happened? Leo says that sometimes a program won't operate properly unless it runs as an administrator. So that may cause the issue connecting to the Internet. She also has DSLExtreme and it may be that downgrading may have broken her connection to them. Leo says she should double check her connections as well. But at this point, Leo advises contacting DSLExtreme to ask them for help.

Microsoft Makes OneNote Free, and on Every Platform

Episode 1067

Microsoft OneNote

Making it available on every platform, Microsoft finally made their note taking app OneNote free in an attempt to take on Evernote. We also think that Microsoft will announce plans to release Microsoft Office for iPad. Leo also believes a touch centric Office suite is coming for Windows 8 Surface tablets as well. But while people are enjoying the tablet experience, Leo says it seems like Microsoft is forcing touch on computer users.

Apple Releases iOS 7.1 Update

Episode 1066

Apple has released iOS 7.1 for iPhone and iPad, and Leo says users should run, not walk, to install it. It solves a lot of problems that have creeped up. It does seem to have battery problems, however. Leo advises resetting the iPhone after you update it, that should clear out the "cruft" and get it back to it's usual battery life. Leo advises going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. Don't choose the "Erase All Content and Settings," as that will erase all data as well.

What's the best computer for my elderly mother?

Episode 1053

BJ from San Diego, CA
iPad Air

BJ is wondering if there's a simpler device for her elderly mother than a traditional desktop computer. Leo says that an iPad is an ideal choice for her. But she would have to type on the screen. Despite that, for pictures of grandkids, email, browsing and more, the iPad is easy to use and very secure. Leo gave one to his mother and she loves it.

What's the best microphone for recording training videos?

Mark from Tustin, CA

Episode 1050

Mark wants to do training videos for his customers on computers. He tried pairing his BlueParrot Bluetooth headset with his iPad to record, but it didn't work. Leo says the quality isn't that great and the power isn't high enough to record the audio wirelessly. Leo says to use a wired microphone. It's far better. He should also use a digital interface that the iPad can understand.

How can I view and sort my photos with a tablet?

Episode 1048

Jim from Walnut Creek, CA
Google Nexus 7

Jim is an amateur photographer who reviews his pictures on the camera to delete the ones he doesn't like. For Christmas, he got an iPad Mini, and would like to preview the images on his camera card. Leo says that the iPad Mini doesn't have a set file system like that. Jim understood that and returned it. Leo says Jim didn't have to do that, he could've gotten the camera connection kit which would allow him to plug in an SD card.