What tablet should I buy for college?

Episode 1240

Bruce from Southern California
Apple iPad Air 2

Bruce's daughter wants to have a tablet for college to go with her laptop. Is a tablet good for taking notes? Leo says that Microsoft has put out a touch version of Office for the iPad before their own. Leo says that Android tablets work with it as well. But for what his daughter needs it for, Leo recommends the iPad. But the Samsung Galaxy Tab is a great Android tablet as well.

What tablet would be good for storing manuals?

Episode 1238

Mike from Vista, CA
Apple iPad Air 2

Mike is a service technician and wants to get a tablet to load up his service manuals with. Leo says that any tablet will do it. He can store the PDFs in the iBook reader and he'll be good to go. If Mike is running out of space, then getting a larger 128GB tablet may be the way to go. Also, a Kindle Fire may be good. They're cheap too. Scaling may be an issue, though. But the Kindle is a great solution. Mike can put all of his manuals in the cloud, like Google Drive, and he'll be able to access them from there.

Why won't my iPad charge?

Eric from Hollywood, CA

Episode 1230

Eric has a first generation iPad that won't charge. Leo says that the original iPad needed a 10 watt charger and if he's using the smaller cube, that may be the problem. He should try a USB charger that's 5 volts and 2 amps. That should do it. If not, it's likely that the battery has reached the end of it's life and needs to be replaced. Apple will replace it for about $90, but if he's a hardy type, iFixit has directions and videos on how to do it.

(Disclaimer: iFixit is a sponsor)

Can I record music on a Chromebook?

Episode 1228

Roger from Alabama
Shure MV88

Roger wants to be able to record music and play with images. Would the Chromebook be a good option? Leo says that he can do it on a Chromebook, but it's all mostly done in the Cloud. The problem is that it needs an always on internet connection, and it's not really that easy for higher end applications like music recording. There are some Chromebook extensions that can do it, however. A good way to test it is to use the extensions on his existing computer.

How can I sync photos from my iPad to Mac using iPhoto?

Episode 1228

Jim from Los Angeles, CA
Apple Photos

Jim wants to be able to use his iPad to make annotations on photos and then sync them to his Mac. But Apple has killed iPhoto, and the photos won't sync to iPhoto on the Mac anymore. Leo says that he can't keep using iPhoto because Apple moved to Apple Photos, which won't talk to his old iPhoto desktop app. So Jim will have to update his desktop and start using Apple Photos. Then it'll sync again.

Should I buy an iPad Pro?

Episode 1226

Chris from Florida City
iPad Pro

Chris says that financing on the iPad Pro is confusing. Should he just buy it outright or finance it? Leo says that financing on the iPad is far different on the iPad Pro because Apple isn't competing with carriers. But it usually costs more with interest. Apple has sweetened the pot with the iPhone, bringing the interest down to almost nothing. It's still better than buying it on a credit card. Leo advises waiting to see what the financing options are when it comes out. By then, Apple should make their terms and conditions more clear.

Should I get an iPad Pro or a Surface Pro?

Episode 1224

David from Los Angeles, CA
Microsoft Surface Pro 3

David is wondering whether he should get the iPad Pro when it comes out, or get the Microsoft Surface Pro. We don't really know anything about the iPad Pro quite yet. Leo's impressed by it, but it comes down to whether or not software will take advantage of it. Since David will be using it for business, office work, and multitasking, Leo recommends sticking with the Microsoft Surface Pro. The Surface Pro 3 is good, and the Surface Pro 4, which should be out soon, will be even better.