How can I burn a DVD?

Episode 1494

Tom from Burbank, CA

Tom has made movies in iMovie and wants to burn them on DVD. Leo says that iMovie will encode his movie into .MOV, which is a wrapper for MP4. But when he burns a DVD, it creates a specific format called MPEG2, which is SD quality. iMovie used to have the capability to burn to DVDs, but Apple stripped it out. So he'll need a DVD burning program to do it. That program will also author the structure with menus, etc. Here are some options:

What's a good computer for making home videos?

Episode 1372

Alex from Los Angeles, CA
Apple iMac

Alex would like to make a video of his daughter growing up using video and pictures. He was thinking about getting a Mac for it. Leo says Macs have a great video editing program called iMovie that comes with all models for free. Leo expects new desktops to come within the next month or so, but even if he didn't wait, he wouldn't be losing out on performance. Apple's iMac would be ideal, but it would cost him more. He could save some money and get a 21", but Leo recommends spending more and getting the 27" iMac. The larger screen really helps.

How can I do live capture of video on my Mac?

Episode 1299

Jeff from Los Angeles, CA
Blackmagic Design Micro Cinema Camera

Jeff is a casting director and he uses an old version of iMovie to do live capture of his actors auditions. Now that it has changed, he doesn't have an easy way to video capture directly into something. The new iMovie won't even do it. Leo says that Quicktime is a good option. It's the underlying codec for iMovie anyway. He's still have to organize the clips and save them into separate folders and manage it manually, though. Apple may still have the old version of iMovie for download.

How can I share my movies with everyone?

Lawrence from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1272

Lawrence finally took the dive and bought a Mac and an iPad. He's managed to put home movies on his computer in MP4 format. But they're huge at 1.90GB each. How can he share them with the family? Leo says that's about right, although he could make them smaller if he was willing to sacrifice some quality. Either way, he won't be able to email them. Leo says that the best option is to upload his videos to YouTube. Then he can send them a link which he can share with others. He can make the videos public or private.

What video editing software should I use for my YouTube videos?

Episode 1169

Will from Bradford, PA
Final Cut Pro X

Will makes videos on YouTube playing guitar. What video editing software should he use that offers a picture in picture capability? Leo says Final Cut Pro on the Mac will do it. Adobe Premiere will work, but it's a cloud based subscription solution now.

He's also noticed that there's ads on his youtube channel. Check out BradfordSoundman on YouTube.

How can I eliminate wind noise from my home videos?

Lawrence from Oceanside, CA

Episode 899

Leo would first edit the video in iMovie. In there, he can remove the sound track and remix it with music. When he exports the video, he should check the export settings to make sure it's set to export at the highest quality. Josh, in the chatroom says it's easy to "squish the wind noise" by using the equalizer and cutting it by 6DB. That'll lower the wind noise without eliminating the rest of the sound track.

How do green screens work and how can I implement a similar technique in my videos?

Episode 875

Alek from Cedar Rapids, IL

Green screens are commonly used by meteorologists when they do their forecasts. They are stand in front of a green screen which is replaced by the camera with a weather map. This is called "matte-ing" or "keying". Alec wants to use this for his stop motion LEGO videos, and Leo gives him a couple of options: