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Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1121

Scott joins us this week to talk about the laser video projectors he saw this week at the CEDIA convention. Scott says there was a few different ones there this year including one by Epson that had one for under $8,000. Sony also had one, but that was $50,000, and Digital Projection had one for $120,000. They use a blue laser which is then divided up and one part is shined on a yellow phosphor which glows different colors. It then gets split into red and green, and you have RGB light from one laser.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1119

Scott Wilkinson

Scott has gotten some interesting results from the high resolution audio test he was conducting on AVS forum: 80% said they could tell the difference. Leo says that's unlikely and some may have cheated. Scott agrees and says it's more likely that people can hear the difference between MP3 and uncompressed.

Scott Wilkinson ... Installed part II

Episode 1117

Scott is calling in from the CEDIA show, which is a custom design and installation show for home theater. He's been able to hear Dolby Atmos at home, which uses speakers to bounce sound off the ceiling to create a simulated 3D sound and he says it's pretty amazing. And the good news is that you don't have to upgrade your blu-ray player at all, you can just choose the Atmos sound track. But you will have to upgrade your AV receiver, which will set you back about $1000. But you can keep your speakers and just invest in the up-firing modules. So it's a half upgrade of your system.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1115

This week, Scott will be attending the CDIA show. That stands for Custom Designers and Installers Assoc. It's where Scott usually sees what's on the horizon for home theater projection. And what's he's really excited about is that he'll get to see a ton manufacturers put out systems with Dolby Atmos for the home. Scott says he's found it to be very effective in the theaters and he's looking forward to it being in the home. There's also another system competing with Atmos called ORO.

Use Any Remote With Apple TV

Apple TV, like many other set top boxes and home theater components, comes with its own separate remote. This aluminum remote is much smaller than most other remotes, making it easier to lose. But there are other ways to control the Apple TV, including an option to use one of your existing remotes.

iOS Remote App

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1113

Scott Wilkinson

Scott is back to talk about compression. Leo says that MP3 (or AAC for Mac) powered the music download revolution because it eliminated over 90% of the file size through compression. But now that we're in the broadband era, could we get back the lossless compression like FLAC? Scott says that the dirty secret about hi-res audio is that in many cases, music companies are taking the same CD files and just resamplling them. So you're not really getting a lossless file. Leo says that would be a rip off if it's true.

Scott Wilkinson and the Value Challenge

Episode 1109

Scott Wilkinson

Scott joins us to talk about the annual Value Electronics Flat Panel Challenge. The challenge pits the top LCD, Plasma and other flat screen TVs one on one in a huge shoot out to determine what is the bottom line best HDTV on the market. They invite professional calibrators, consumers, bloggers and journalists to join them for two days of testing and for the first time, they'll be streaming the challenge live.

Scott Wilkinson and the UHD Color Gamut

Episode 1105

This week on Home Theater Geeks, Scott had Joe Kane as his guest to talk about hi definition color space in television. Leo says that it's a good show to watch because the next generation TVs will not only have higher resolution and frame rates, but also color space that goes beyond the limits of the human eye. Scott says that current TVs don't reproduce red very well. It tends to look more orange. But the new Ultra HD TVs will. Sadly, the content will have to catch up and expand their range of colors to take advantage of that color gamut.