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What budget HDTV should I buy?

Terri from Laguna Nigel, CA

Episode 1215

Terri is ready to buy a new HDTV, what's a good affordable one? Leo says that the Vizio E series is a very good buy. She'll want to get a larger screen than she thinks. For 10 feet away, a minimum size is 55". Make sure it's LED Backlit with local dimming. To watch Netflix and Amazon, get the smart TV and Vizio makes the best smart TV apps. When she gets it home, she should put it into movie mode. It'll look better. She'll also want to consider getting a home theater in a box or sound bar.

Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1213

Scott Wilkinson

The question of the day is: what's more important, video or audio? Scott says that a movie without sound is called a silent movie. But on the other hand, a movie without an image is called radio. So Scott believes they are equally important, like the Yin and Yang of home theater. However, the bad audio can really make the home theater experience terrible, which is why surround sound and home theater really exists.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1209

Scott Wilkinson

Lance says that he doesn't think 4K streaming will ever take over 4K Blu-ray discs. Scott says that the median downstream bandwidth in the US is far less than what 4K requires, and even if it did, with data caps, your streaming would be terribly limited every month. Leo agrees and says that he's seen 4K streaming and it's nowhere near as good as a Blu-ray experience. Scott says it's because the streams are compressed and that is part of the problem.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1207

Scott Wilkinson

Scott joins us with the news that Sharp is selling their TV arm to HiSense, and is getting out of the TV business for good. Scott hasn't been much of a fan of Sharp TVs, and they only enjoyed about 3% of the market share. So it's not surprising that they're getting out. It's ironic, because Sharp invented LCD technology and will likely keep making the LCD screens for others.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1205

Scott Wilkinson

Scott saw "Pixels" and he enjoyed it because it appealed to his inner nerd. The graphics are gorgeous. He went to see it because it was shown in Dolby Vision's High Dynamic Range. There's only five theaters in the US that support it. The next movie in HDR will be Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.

Should I get a home theater system or just a sound bar?

Episode 1204

Joshua from New Jersey
Onkyo HT-S3500 660 Watt 5.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker/Receiver Package

Josh is looking to get a new Home Theater system. Should he get a sound bar or a Home Theater in a Box? Leo says that the only reason to get a sound bar is because he doesn't want the complexity of a home theater system. A home theater system requires an AV Receiver, speakers, center channels, sub woofer and wire. But a sound bar can have the bar and a subwoofer for the better ones. Pioneer's Andrew Jones SB23 is the best according to Home Theater Guru Scott Wilkinson.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1201

Scott Wilkinson

Scott joins the show today to talk about the latest in high frame rate. For the last 100 years we've watched movies at 24fps because film was expensive and that was the slowest you can run a projector and maintain a fluid movement. But now, with digital, more directors are experimenting with higher frame rates for a more realistic depiction of the story. Leo says that some people think it looks better. But the argument is that there are people who really love HFR, and some who absolutely hate it. Like 3D.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1199

Scott Wilkinson

Scott keeps getting questions about when to buy a new Ultra High Definition TV, and he says it's all in the timing. Unless you're an early adopter that has money to burn on a new TV every year or two, the timing just isn't right to get a 4K TV. Sure, prices have dropped, but there isn't a standard that is wide spread just yet. Plus, with four times the resolution, you either have to get a screen that is over 70" or you have to sit up to half as close. Otherwise, you lose the benefit of the additional resolution and you may as well own an HDTV.

How can I watch two different programs on my Roku via Slingbox?

Episode 1197

Doug from Diamond Bar, CA
Slingbox 500

Doug wants to know if he can use an HDMI splitter to divide his Slingbox with his Roku Box and control both. Leo says no because he won't be able to control them. Older Slingboxes have up to five HDMI ports in the back (the Slingbox 500 only has one), so if he has an older Slingbox, he could daisy chain them and control them. But Doug should remember that only one person can control it.