The Hobbit

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1041

Scott Wilkinson

Scott joins Leo today and Leo wants to know the best way to see the Hobbit. Scott says Dolby Atmos is wonderful, if you can. Peter shot the film at high frame rate (HFR) 48 fps and a lot of people object to it. Scott also says that next month we'll see the newest models of HDTVs and right now is a great time to get a new 2013 model TV. Check out his buyer's guides at AVSForum. This year may just be the last year to get a plasma TV. Leo says that's sad because they really do have a superior picture quality.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1039

Scott Wilkinson

Scott can finally talk about "The Hobbit: The Desoluation of Smaug." It's crazy because there are over 200 different versions with different languages, high frame rate, 3D, IMAX, Dolby Atmos, and more. There's always the option to watch it in 2D, too. Scott saw it in HFR 3D. Even then, you still have the choice between Real D, IMAX3D, and Dolby3D. Scott says that high frame rate is the way to see it. HFR looks really sharp, less like film, and more like video. A lot of people object to it, saying it looking too real takes you out of the movie.

Is The Hobbit in 48 fps really better?

David from Camarillo, CA

Episode 935

David worked on the The Hobbit by supplying aerial camera equipment for the helicopter film scenes. He saw the movie in 48p and he found it odd looking. Leo says he's a Peter Jackson fan and loves Lord of the Rings, and he's interested in seeing it for himself. But there are those who say that The Hobbit is not the ideal example because of how it was made in HFR. Leo has a hunch when 48p is the norm, we'll look back and wonder what the big deal was about.

Scott Wilkinson, Home Theater HiFi

Episode 935

Scott Wilkinson went to see The Hobbit last night, not only in HFR, but also in Atmos. Sadly though, the projector crashed and he couldn't see it. Leo says that digital projectors are just computers and sometimes, they crash. The great irony is that it was a special screening of media by Dolby for the HFR and Atmos presentation. And the great irony is, that while there was a Dolby tech there to handle any Atmos issues, there was no projector tech.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Is Coming at 48p

Episode 928

The Hobbit in 3D

Shot at 48 frames per second (known as high frame rate - HFR), Peter Jackson's Tolkein epic "The Hobbit: An Unexpected journey comes to theaters next week. Jackson shot at 48p in order to create the sharpest possible image to help the audience get immersed into the story. There's been some resistance because people say it doesn't look "film like," (or shot at 24 fps). But Scott says it'll look fabulous. Detailed. Crisp and clear. But the problem is, it starts looking less like film and more like video.