Sony Entertainment Hacked, 40GB of Data From Servers Leaked to the Public


Episode 1141

Sony Pictures Entertainment's servers were hacked so severely that 40GB of data was released to the public. This data includes digital copies of movies, scripts for upcoming films, pilots, and even employee personal data like social security numbers, passwords, salaries, and more. This may be the worst corporate attack in history. Employees say that this has been a long time coming and comes as no surprise since Sony has traditionally had a casual attitude towards online security.

My Gmail account has been hacked: how do I get it back?


Episode 1128

Francine from Palos Verdes, CA

Francine's Gmail got hacked and now she's hearing from people she hasn't talked to in years. She knows it was a hack because she's been locked out of her account. Leo says that's the tell tale sign, as hackers will change the password in order to keep it. She ended up paying hundreds of dollars to get her email back. Leo says that Google will never charge to help get email back, and that's the danger of "googling" solutions.

Did my Mac get hacked?


Episode 1113

Kathleen from Yucca Valley, CA

Kathy thinks her Mac got hacked. She gave a support line remote access to her Mac and she's worried she got hacked. Leo says that if she didn't give them her credit card, chances are she's OK. But if she wants to be sure, she can download Little Snitch. It'll observe her computer activity and let her know if it does phone home or let someone remotely access it again. She should also turn on her software firewall.

Why can't I get into my email?

Episode 1089

Tom from Yorba Linda, CA

Tom is having issues getting into his Microsoft email and when he tries to reset the password, it won't help. Leo says it could be that Tom's email has been hacked and the user has taken over the email account. Leo says Tom will have to call Microsoft and have them walk him through regaining access to his mailbox. This is why second factor authentication is vital.

Why doesn't Yahoo Mail take my new password?

Episode 1085

Henry from West Chester, PA

Henry uses Yahoo Mail, and he got a message from Yahoo forcing him to change his password. Leo says that Yahoo gets hacked a lot and they may have noted some activity on Henry's email and prompted him to change it. But now he can't access his account. Leo says that's a good signal that his account had been hacked. He probably won't have much luck contacting Yahoo to fix it, either.

What can I do about a hacked AOL account?

Episode 1076

Mike from Denver, CO

Mike thinks that his AOL account got hacked. Leo says the first thing to do is change his password. But even with that, chances are the account may not have been hacked, but spoofed. Spammers can pick up his email address and can use that in the return box. They swap them out from time to time, and chances are Mike's account email is on a list that spammers buy. The only thing he can do is wait for the spammer to move on to another email address.

Where did all of my mail go in gmail?

Episode 1022

Michele from Palos Verdes, CA

Michele switched service providers, and since then all of her email has vanished. Leo says updating to iOS 7 may have wiped it out of her iPhone. Or it could be Google's recent gmail changes. Leo says to delete the email account in her phone and then recreate it with Google as the provider. Then she can have access to her gmail again.

She also should look in her archive folder. Gmail never really deletes email -- it archives it instead. If it's all gone though, it's possible her account has been hacked. She should also check the All Mail folder.

What should I do after being hacked?

Episode 967

Allison from Studio City, CA

Allison's Yahoo mail got hacked last weekend, and she spent all weekend with technicians to fix it. She's worried she lost all her contacts. Leo fears that the technicians that charged her $200 to fix it were actually hackers pretending to be Yahoo customer support. Leo thinks they probably made her situation worse by installing key loggers and other exploits that'll turn her computer into a botnet zombie.