Google Sync

How can I transfer data from my old Windows phone to my new Android phone?

Episode 1389

Ted from Norwalk, CA
Google Sync

Ted bought an old Nokia cell phone but he can't hear anyone when he calls. He's going to get a new one, but he needs to go from Windows Phone to Android. How can he do that? Leo says that Google is his friend! He should sync his phone with Gmail and Google Contacts and then when he logs into his new phone, it'll all be there. Even the email will be there because it's IMAP, and it'll still be on his old IMAP servers as well.

How can I backup and sync my contacts?

Chris from Frankfort, KY

Episode 993

Chris is having problems with iCloud and his contacts. Leo says he's not a fan of iCloud and prefers Google for that. It can be a bit painful to move to it, but once he does, he'll be better off. Leo advises backing up his contacts, and then exporting them as CSV or VCard format. Then he can import them into Google Contacts. He may end up with duplicates, however, so be ready to clear them and backup every step of the way. Once done, don't sync from multiple sources, just stick with Google.

How can I get email sent to an address on a custom domain?

Neil from Phoenix, AZ

Episode 984

Neil has bought his own domain using Hover, and wants to use the email address that comes with it. Leo says all he has to do is purchase the email forwarding from Hover for $5 a year, and have all of his mail forwarded to his free gmail account. He can also set it up to sync with Outlook. Then he can set up Outlook to use the custom domain address as the return address. Gmail has an option that will do this too, which is called "mail delegation".

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