Google Calendar

Why is my calendar having issues after the iOS 11 update?

Episode 1434

Bob from San Diego, CA
Google Calendar

Dana is having issues with his calendar after updating to iOS 11. Leo says that Apple's quality control has lapsed so much that they're shipping iOS with obvious issues and he's just going to have to wait until Apple gets around to fixing it in an update. Leo also recommends abandoning the Apple Calendar altogether and using Google Calendar. It's got all the features as Apple Calendar.

How can I move data from my old phone to my new phone?

Episode 1408

Cathy from Ventura, CA
Samsung Galaxy S7

Cathy has an old Samsung Android phone and she's ready to upgrade. She wants to know if getting a previous model from eBay a good idea. Leo says that she can get a good deal on one, but chances are it won't be updated. So she'd have to have it updated. Leo advises going to XDA Developers to learn how to root the phone to put a new version of Android on it.

Why can't I log into Google Calendar on my Samsung refrigerator?

Episode 1338

Julio from Arizona
Samsung Refrigerator with Family Hub™

Julio has an internet enabled refrigerator and he can't get to Google Calendar online with it. Leo wonders if it's one of the first refrigerators. Leo says that Google changed the way the calendar works and Samsung probably hasn't updated the firmware to accommodate that new standard. Since his fridge is out of warranty, they have little incentive to fix the problem. There's a technote about it at

How do you manage your calendar?

Pat from San Bernadino, CA

Episode 1051

Pat wants to know what calendar app is best. Leo says he uses Google Calendar because it syncs to all of his computers and phones, and he can send and receive invites. On the Mac, he uses BusyCal. Both Android and iOS work great with Google calendar. Pat would just add his Google account to his iPhone in his settings, and then he can choose to sync his calendar to Google as well. Best of all, it's free!

How can I sync my Outlook calendars?

John from St. Georges, UT

Episode 999

John can't get his Outlook calendar to sync. Leo says syncing is a dark art. Issues in sync include data duplication, and multiple calendar users. His issue is with Outlook and Google Calendar.

Leo says that Outlook is a poorly written Calendar. Leo advises getting rid of it altogether and relying solely on Google Calendar. It'll work with anything, any platform (except Outlook, obviously), and it'll sync. He should make sure Outlook email and announcements are set in his settings. He should have no issues once he goes to Google exclusively.

Why won't my Mac calendars sync to my iPhone? (Part 1)

Episode 948

Adam from Putnam Valley, NY
iPhone 5

Adam and his wife have iPhones and iCal doesn't sync with their iPhone calendars. Leo says it may be due to turning off iCloud that prevents it from syncing. Leo avoids the whole problem by using Google as his main calendar option. He syncs Calendar on his Mac with Google via Exchange and it syncs just like it should to his phone. Then he never has to connect his phone to the computer to sync.