Why doesn't my video card work with my Mac Pro?

Episode 1094

Paul from Driving on i5

Paul bought a new Mac Pro but he's having issues using a third party video card. Leo says that's because of compatibility issues with drivers. Leo says that it's always best to stick with Mac designed video cards or go with Windows. Mac doesn't play well with third party hardware. He should stick with the card that comes with the Mac. If he still wants a third party video card option, Leo recommends going to MacSales. They will have models of cards that are designed specifically for Mac.

Why am I getting an error saying the "Catalyst Control Center" isn't supported?

Episode 1066

Barbara from Chula Vista, CA

Barbara bought a refurbished Windows 7 computer and she keeps getting an error message saying that the Catalyst Control center isn't supported. Leo says that's a video card driver error and it's likely that Barbara just needs to update her drivers. ATI's Catalyst Control center is primilary for gamers and Leo says going to and clicking on the driver support page will get her where she needs to go. She will need to know what video card she has. Barbara should get this directly from AMD, not a third party site.

Why isn't Windows working properly after replacing my motherboard?

Episode 1050

Steve from Big Bear, CA

Steve is having trouble with his screen refreshing a lot on his PC after having changed motherboards. Leo says that swapping out a motherboard is a huge change and it means he needs to do a clean reinstall of Windows after formatting the hard drive. Since Steve is using an OEM copy of Windows, it's trying to install the wrong video drivers. Steve should delete all the drivers from the device manager and reboot.

How can I fix a sound card driver issue?

Episode 1005

Roger from Whittier, CA

Roger is getting an "Dolby" error message on his desktop when it boots up. Leo says it's an issue with Roger's sound card. A motherboard sound card could be causing the issue. If so, then it's the job of the motherboard manufacturer. A new driver should fix it, so he should just go to the motherboard website and download the latest motherboard drivers. A dedicated sound card would fix the issue as well.

What can I do when a driver crashes?

Episode 1005

Deborah from Mojave, CA

Deborah is suddenly having trouble with her Windows Netbook after it locked up. Apparently, a device driver got installed. Leo says that's probably OK. Drivers crash and the Windows OS finds new drivers all the time. Leo says that more important is the age of the netbook. And for the price of it, Deborah is lucky she got that much use out of it. Leo thinks she should start saving and just run the netbook into the ground. When she can't use it anymore, move on. But for now, a driver issue is minimal.

Why am I getting a blue screen of death whenever I boot up?

Episode 1004

Jack from Riverside, CA

Jack is getting the dreaded Windows Blue Screen of Death on boot up. Leo says it has to be a driver if it crashes on boot up. First, boot holding down the shift or F8 key and get into the boot screen. He should choose 'logged mode' so it will log what is happening. Then he should reboot into safe mode so he can read the boot log. The last line in the boot log will be the driver that is causing the crashes. He can then uninstall that driver, and download and install a new driver.

Why does my computer's display appear shifted over?

Episode 992

Ed from Marina Del Rey, CA

Ed says his display is shifted, and things are not appearing correctly in Windows. Leo says it could be a driver issue. He should try to boot up to Windows in Safe Mode by holding down the shift key or F8 during start up. This will load Windows with basic drivers, including a basic VGA graphics driver. If it looks normal, then he'll know that he has an incorrect driver, or that the driver is set wrong for his monitor. He should download and install the latest display driver and reboot.

How can I get my HP printer drivers to work?

Episode 986

Don from Virginia

Don and his brother have the same printer and Don has non stop driver issues with it. HP has given him another model, but he's learned that Windows update may be at fault for corrupted drivers for a wide variety of printers. Leo's never heard it and doesn't buy it. In fact, HP hasn't been a great printer company for a long time. It's possible that drivers could have gotten screwed up, but it's very common for companies to pass the buck and blame someone else for their problems.