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Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1447

Chris Marquardt

With Winter, there's a lot of overcast skies and snow, and that means we're spending more time inside. So Chris says it's time to begin practicing your photography by shooting something from different angles to practice your photo composition. You can do that indoors with your iPhone where it's nice and warm! Just take a picture of a flower vase, for example. Also, pay close attention to how light falls on your subject and how the colors look. How does the color change with light or angle? This will help you understand what light and color does and how to manipulate it on your subject.

How can I transfer photos from my camera to my iPad?

Episode 1429

Tim from Long Beach, CA
Apple Camera Connection Kit

Rob is a professional photographer and he wants to use an iPad Pro to capture his images from his camera. Leo says that there are shortcomings here, because the camera connection kit by Apple doesn't really work well, and the iPad can't read RAW files. So he'll have to look at JPEG images. That's why Leo gave up on it. Canon has an iOS app that would enable him to wirelessly transmit photos to his iPad if his camera has wireless capability. It works quite well. The only other option would be to use his Mac and then copy the photos over from there.

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1419

Chris Marquardt

Apple has a new image format that's going to be coming with the new IOS 11 called HEIF, or high efficiency image format. It will have raw capabilities giving more detail and color gamut, but at smaller file sizes.

Chris joins us to talk about traveling with your gear. He read and article about someone traveling with $20,000 in gear and when he arrived at his destination, they were smashed because he checked them. So here are some tips:

Is there a good time lapse app for my camera?

Episode 1402

Mark from Yorba Linda, CA
Microsoft Hyperlapse

Mark wants to do some time lapse photography and wants to know if there's software that he can program his Canon T6 with. Leo says that Canon has a smartphone app that could work, but he'll have to connect his camera to it via Wi-Fi. Then he'll have to see if it will combine all the images. Mark says it doesn't. is another one.

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1377

Chris Marquardt

Chris always gets a question about whether you need filters or not, and if you do, what filters do you need? Chris says that there are some you need, and some you don't. The two you need include the polarizing filter and a neutral density filter. The Polarizing filter gives you better color, but takes away some light. It's good in bright, direct sunlight, making it great for the beach. It works much like those polarizing sunglasses. What about a circular polarizer? Chris says that these have two layers, one with lines and one with a circular array.

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1367

Chris Marquardt

Chris says that Wide Angle Photography is somewhat of a lost art. Going as wide as possible can give a weird look to your image if you tip the camera one way or the other because of lens distortion. This can make shooting wide a challenge, especially if you're shooting architecture. It's called "falling lines." How you can avoid this is to step back farther and go more telephoto to achieve the same look. Or you can change your perspective. Go higher up, which will mean you won't have to tilt your camera as much.

How can I key out the background in a photograph?

Episode 1366

Joe from Wikiwatchi, FL
Green screen

Joe is a photographer and he wants to be able to key out the background and replace it. He wants to be able to do this in real time so he can show the client the photo with the keyed background. Leo says the first step is to tether the camera to a laptop so it'll show the image on a screen right away. That means he'll be adding a radio transmitter or something to his camera and a receiver on the laptop. Then he'll need software like Lightroom that could do this.

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1365

Chris Marquardt

Chris is going to Lake Baikal, Siberia, which is the largest fresh water lake in the world. It should be a great photo safari. This week, Chris takes questions from the chatroom:

1. Can I take apart a point and shoot camera to clean it? Chris says you could, but you need to know what you're doing. You'd have to be well practiced so you don't brick it. Better to have it professionally cleaned. Do the dust specs show up? Chris says not necessarily. Chances are, it's just messing with your OCD.