Why is my browser crashing?

Episode 1426

Mike from Burbank, CA

Mike has a friend who's computer crashes when he goes to a specific website. It doesn't crash on any other site. Leo says it has to do with the content on that page that breaks the browser as it is. Leo advises resetting the browser to delete all the history, cookies, and cache. There's probably something in there that's causing the crash. Resetting the browser should fix it.

How can I download a browser without a browser?

Episode 1164

Ted from Woodland Hills, CA

Ted's Browser crashes every time he tries to open it. Leo says he'll need to clear the cache and reset the browser. He can go into Control Panel > Internet options > Advanced > Reset Settings/Clear Cache. Ted will lose his cached stuff including bookmarks and cookies, but it may fix it.

In Add/Remove programs there's also a "REPAIR I.E." function. Once he has it fixed, Leo suggests downloading Chrome. It's more secure.

How can I access my desktop from my tablet?

Desktop computer

Episode 1153

Rob from Tarzana, CA

Rob's job keeps him on the road, and he wants access to his desktop PC at home via his laptop or iPad. What's a good option, and can he do it without adding an app? Leo says that he can do it in a browser, but it's better in an app.

Atlas Remote Access on the iPad works well, according to the chatroom. There's also TeamViewer. But he'll need to install something. Google Chrome Remote requires installing an extension, but if the hardware isn't locked down from browser extensions, that's an option.

How can I transfer my browser bookmarks to a new computer? (Part 2)

Firefox Sync

Episode 1069

Ron from Los Angeles, CA

Leo says that Firefox has bookmark syncing, so he should check in his settings to enable that. He can also save them to a USB key and Firefox will import them. Leo also says he should be careful not to copy all of his settings from his old computer. There is a transfer wizard that he could use to copy everything from his old machine, but Leo doesn't generally recommend that. If he plans to keep the old system for awhile, he should just copy over what he needs as he needs it. It's a good idea to start over.

Why does my tablet's browser keep crashing on certain sites?

Episode 1042

Terri from Lake Tahoe, CA

Terri's Toshiba Excite tablet crashes when she loads Yahoo Mail. Leo's guessing that it has to do with faulty javascript code that causes the issue on some sites, but not others. Leo suggests restarting or resetting it. She should remember to backup her stuff first, then reset it. And even then, it may not fix it.

Why can't I get scrolling to work in my browser on a certain home page?

Episode 933

Tony from Buffalo, NY

Tony is having trouble with Safari and his magic mouse scrolling on the home page. Once he gets past the home page, it's all fine. Leo says that the page is the problem. Leo even tried scrolling in their home page, and it wouldn't work for him either. Whoever created the page disabled scrolling in javascript and Leo says that's just stupid! At least it isn't Tony's fault, though.

How do I change the language in my Safari browser back to English?

Episode 925

Burt from Honolulu, HI

Burt is having problems with his browser displaying the wrong language. This happens on his work computer too. Leo says that websites are automatically adapting to the location of the browser.

First he should make sure he's going to instead of some other international domain. He also should go into the system preference pane and make sure that it's set for English under 'Language'. He should also set his region for the U.S. Next he can try to "reset Safari" in the menu bar.

Why does my browser keep re-opening windows and tabs I've just closed?

Internet Explorer

Episode 913

Frank from Chatsworth, CA

Leo doesn't think this is a malware issue because it's not opening up any malicious sites, just the ones he was previously visiting. The first thing to try is resetting Internet Explorer in settings. Doing a full reset may clear out what was causing the problem.

Frank could also do a Windows System Restore to the point before this started happening.