How can I fix DNS errors?

Episode 957

Steve from Detroit, MI

Steve is getting DNS errors and his internet connection is slowing to a crawl. Leo says it's likely a flakey cable modem. He advises taking the modem to the Comcast cable store and telling them it's broken. Ask them for a DOCSIS 3. It's fast and more reliable. Or, he can just buy a modem and avoid the monthly rental fee.

If that doesn't fix it, it could be malware. It is not unusual for malware to modify DNS. If he can't get to an antivirus page, that's often a sign of malware.

Should I get Direct TV Everywhere or AT&T Uverse for TV service?

Episode 895

Tamar from Los Angeles, CA

Tamar is considering AT&T Uverse but the salesperson at Direct TV told her that on Uverse the Internet will slow down when she gets a phone call or watches TV. Leo says it may be true, but she'd have sufficient internet bandwidth to easily do both. However If she's watching an HD TV show and recording another HD show on DVR, then the internet speed will suffer because Uverse puts a higher priority on the TV signal.