How can I undo renaming multiple files?

Episode 1459

Brian from Los Angeles, CA
Computer monitor, keyboard, and mouse

Brian tried to rename a file and ended up renaming hundreds of them. How can he undo that? Leo says it's a common issue, and if he accidentally hit an asterisk while typing (which is on the 8 key), it could rename everything pretty easily. The good news is that it assigned a number to each duplicate name, so it doesn't overwrite the file. Brian just needs to figure out which file is which. There's an easy fix. Fortunately, Brian uses Carbonite, so he can just restore his backup.

(Disclaimer: Carbonite is a sponsor.)

Why isn't Time Machine backing up my data?

Episode 1406

Brian from Orange County, CA
Super Duper

Brian is a wedding videographer and he's noticed that Time Machine hasn't been backing up his footage for about a year. Leo says that the first thing Brian should do is stop using Apple's Time Machine. It's terrible and everyone knows it. Leo says that Brian should rethink his strategy because he's a professional and It's even more important that he doesn't lose data. Leo advises reading Peter Krogh's DAM Book. He can also go to He should look under resources.

How can I sync my backup files?

Beth from Studio City, CA

Episode 1337

Beth bought Microsoft OneDrive and she backs up her data files on it. But she has two versions of it. Leo says one may be the backup of her tablet files. If they're supposed to be the same, she'll need to make sure they are synced before she deletes one. Dropbox may be a better option because it would tell her which drive is the backup drive. Leo also recommends backing it up locally and then she can delete one.

Why is my 1TB drive saying it's almost full, even though I don't have much on it?

Diane from Chicago, IL

Episode 1080

Leo says that just videos, images and MP3s can't fill up that much space all by itself. There has to be something else on the drive. Leo advises using a program called SpaceSniffer. It's free. Another is called WinderStat and TreeSize. Leo also thinks that Diane has backups on it.

What's the easiest way to burn CDs in Windows 7? (Part 1)

Michael from Long Beach, CA

Episode 1068

Michael wants to back up all his images onto CDs for safe keeping. He used to use Nero, but it doesn't work on Windows 7. Leo says that Windows may be able to burn it natively. He'll want to format the CD and then drag the files onto it. Then he can select "burn," and it'll be done. Leo says he doesn't put stuff on CDs anymore, he uses the Cloud instead. And with Flickr by Yahoo offering 1TB of free image storage, it's a good option. Also, just having one backup isn't really a backup. Backing up to the cloud is a wise idea.

How can I burn backup DVDs since Apple discontinued iDVD and is phasing out optical drives? (Part 2)

Paul from Arizona

Episode 901

First of all, he can still burn DVDs without iDVD, there just isn't a standalone app for it anymore. Leo doesn't really think backing up to DVDs is the best way to go. They decay imperceptibly, so he would have to check them regularly to make sure they're still good. Leo says backing up to an external drive is much faster and better, and then also to the cloud using a service such as Carbonite. That way he has three copies and in two different locations.