Why can't I share files from one app to another on the iPhone?

Steven from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1146

Steve just replaced his Android with an iPhone 6 Plus for the camera, and his friends are shocked. But his challenge is all the stuff he has in the cloud, and with Android it was so easy to share. Leo says that Apple's philosophy is to limit you in order to keep you out of trouble. Is there an app that can get around Apple's sandboxing? Leo says no. Welcome to Apple. It doesn't want to have communication between apps because that's risky. So you can only share from within an app. iOS 8 is starting to break down that walled garden, but not in the way that Steve wants.

Can I wipe my phone and start over like a computer?

John from Maine

Episode 1146

John just wiped all his computers and started over. Can he do the same with his cellphones? Leo says that all cellphones have a reset command that will wipe it and bring back the base default configuration. Sure. Leo says while you're at it, you could update it to a more recent OS. But Leo also says that a newer phone would probably serve john better since SSDs get sluggish over time.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1145

Johnny Jet is in Canada for Christmas. Here's his quick seating tip for holiday travel. When you can't get seated together, here's your best chances for getting people to move so you can: Offer your aisle or window seat. And if you have to sit together, try bribing someone.

Why won't my Android phone sync?

Brandon from Ontario, CA

Episode 1145

Brandon got a Google Nexus 5. He tried to plug in his Android phone into his PC but it won't sync, it just charges. Leo says that his PC isn't loading the USB drivers for it, which is why it's not syncing. Leo says another option is to try a program called AirDroid. It will then connect over WiFi and you won't have that sync issue. It's a tad slower, but it's a good workaround.

Can I put Google Chrome on a Nexus Player?

Episode 1144

Ronnie from Anchorage, AL
Google Nexus Player

Ronnie is thinking of getting a Google Nexus Player and he saw a video where someone side loaded Google Chrome on it, making it a $99 computer. Should he get one? Leo says no. First, he'd have to unlock it to side load and hack it via USB.

But it's interesting and could turn the device into a $99 Android device for the TV. He may have had to modify it to do that. Leo advises going to XDA Developers and look it up. Now Leo has to look at it again!

Should I buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 at a discount?

Episode 1142

Dennis from Riverside, CA
Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Dennis is looking to get a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for $150. Leo says that sounds like a subsidized price, and while he's saving the money up front, he'll be paying a lot more over the course of 2 years. Is the Note 4 better at $150 more? Leo says it's an amazing phone, as they all have been. Better screen and camera, and a faster processor. He's more likely to get updates for it.

If the Galaxy Note 3 is brand new, then it's an apples to apples comparison. If the $150 difference is an issue, then he shouldn't hesitate, and get the Note 3.