Is a hardwired Fire TV more secure?

ART from Monrovia, CA

Episode 1506

Art bought an Amazon Fire TV and wants to know if he can hardwire it for security. Leo says that a standard FireTV is wifi only. The FireTV Cube offers an adapter dongle for it. And if your FireTV has an ethernet can do it. But if it doesn't, then you can't. Is it more secure? Leo says no. But it is faster and more consistent since you don't have to deal with congestion. Is a buy your own modem more secure? Leo says probably not. But you can save a lot of money in the long run by not renting your ISP's modem.

Where to Find the Best Amazon Prime Day Deals

Amazon Prime Day is this week, starting Monday at 3PM Eastern and runs through all of Tuesday. The theory behind Prime Day is that there are lots of deals updated every hour on Amazon, but you have to be an Amazon Prime member. This encourages people to become a Prime member for $99 a year. There are lots of benefits to Amazon Prime, with the chief benefit being free 2-day shipping to get things fast. Prime Day deals are not always great deals, however. Here are a couple of places to go to be sure you're finding the best deals:

Can you turn your old Fire tablet into an Echo Show?

Lillian (Doctor Mom) from New YOrk, NY

Episode 1505

Lillian says that you can use your old Fire tablet as an Echo Show now thanks to a new Pogo dock by Amazon. Leo says it sounds like just a charging dock and with an software update, it would turn it into an Echo Show. But the dock doesn't have any speakers, and the screen isn't all that great. So it's an interesting device if you have a surplus Fire tablet lying around, and for $35 it's not too bad.

Can the Amazon Echo call 911?

Episode 1484

Maurice from Florida
Amazon Echo Connect

Maurice says that Echo is a great idea, and Amazon's $35 Connect box makes it possible to call 911 in emergency situations. Rich says that Echo is designed to not dial 911 because the infrastructure isn't set up for it yet. That's why the optional connect box is a good idea until they get it figured out. But it also has to do with location services for 911. It has to know where the emergency really is.

How can I log into my Amazon Fire Stick?

Episoide 1473

Brian from Indio, CA
Amazon Fire Stick

Brian keeps trying to log into his Amazon account on his Fire Stick, but the remote keeps locking up. Leo says that it's possible there's a bad remote or Fire Stick that's causing the remote to crash. If the remote locks up, the Fire Stick can work with an external Bluetooth keyboard as well. So that's an option as a workaround. But Leo suspects that it's just a bad one, and Amazon will replace it pretty quickly.

The chatroom suggests using the Amazon Fire Stick app on the smartphone.

Why doesn't my Echo work in Canada?

Episode 1467

Ken from Vancouver, Canada
Amazon Echo

Ken is in Canada and bought a US Amazon Echo through his sister, but most of the functions won't work with Canada's Amazon website. Leo says that features like Audible have different rights according to each country and it may be that they don't support those features due to copyright restrictions. Ken tried using a US Amazon account and everything worked. But even then, he may not be able to stream music or videos depending on the rights. Using the US site is a good workaround, though.