Skyroam Solis

Skyroam Solis

The Skyroam Solis is a fast global 4G LTE hotspot with an embedded power bank for charging mobile devices. It provides an encrypted Wi-Fi connection for 5 devices, and works in over 120 countries — no SIM card required.

Skyroam Solis charges gadgets on-the-go with its 6,000 mAh power bank, and it uses the standard USB-C connection. It will stay powered all day long with over 16 hours of Wi-Fi battery life.

There are no commitments and no contracts for the Skyroam Solis, and no data limits. It costs $9 per day, and you only pay for it when you need it.

If you don't travel often, you can also rent a Skyroam Solis for as low as $9.95 per day.

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