Owl Car Cam

Owl Car Cam

The Owl Car Cam takes the idea of the dashboard camera to a new level. This is being touted as a security camera for your car, and it has a lot of features to back that up. It's a very small touch screen device that is designed to blend into your car's environment, and the cables can be tucked out of the way.

Owl Car Cam has rear and front-facing HD cameras so it can capture what's happening out on the road and in your vehicle. The camera is always on, whether you're driving or parked, which helps keep your car secure. It even has anti-theft floodlights. It has enough storage on the camera to record 24 hours of footage. You can use the iPhone app (currently iOS only) to access and share the videos from the camera over a Wi-Fi connection. You can even say "OK Presto" to send a clip right to your phone, where you can easily edit it.

The Owl Car Cam can also connect to Owl's own LTE service. This makes it possible for it to notify you if there is a break-in or a crash with an alert on your phone. You don't even have to wait for something to happen, however — you can get a live view of your car from anywhere using your smartphone as well.

Owl Car Cam plugs into your car for power via the OBD port, meaning it can only support cars made since 1996. It begins shipping March 31st, and costs $349.

- Learn more about the Owl Car Cam (owlcam.com)