Kadesh Tiny Hardware Firewall

Tiny Hardware Firewall

The Kadesh is the newest device from Tiny Hardware Firewall. It is smaller than a notebook and offers both a wireless and wired connection to your devices. Tiny Hardware Firewall is designed to add an extra layer of security when you're browsing the web on public hotspots. It connects to the public Wi-Fi access point and creates a new private access point that up to four of your devices can connect to. This means that all of your devices are encrypted and tunneled securely. You can either connect your devices wirelessly or with an ethernet cable to the Kadesh THF. It features dual radios, 5GHz and 2.4GHz, and it runs on USB power.

The Kadesh costs $63.99 with free shipping and comes with an annual VPN subscription which costs $91.25.

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