Apple HomePod

Apple HomePod

The HomePod is Apple's new smart, Siri-enabled speaker with a focus on sound quality. It contains an Apple-designed A8 chip with advanced software that can automatically analyze the acoustics and adjust the sound based on the exact location of the speaker.

HomePod has a high-excursion woofer with a custom amplifier and a full 20mm diaphragm to play a wide range of bass. It has seven beamforming tweeters arranged in a circle, each with its own amplifier and transducer. It also has a six-microphone array so it can hear your voice commands from anywhere in the room, and over whatever music is playing. In addition to voice input, HomePod has touch capability on the top. You can tap the top of the device to play/pause, double-tap to advance to the next track, triple tap for the previous track, touch and hold for Siri, and tap the plus and minus to increase or decrease volume.

Since HomePod has Siri, you can ask it to control your HomeKit smart home devices, and get the latest news, traffic, weather, and sports. You can set reminders and tasks, send messages, hand off phone calls, and more. Siri can also field questions about the music that's playing.

Currently, HomePod is restricted only to Apple Music and AirPlay. It also requires an iOS device to set it up. Later this year, Apple plans to add the ability to connect HomePods together to create stereo sound, and AirPlay 2 will make it possible to play music to multiple HomePods around the house. It's worth noting that while this speaker sounds great for its size, it shouldn't be considered a replacement for a good stereo system.

HomePod is surrounded by a seamless mesh fabric that comes in either white or space gray, and it costs $349.

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