This Week in Tech News

E3 Open to the Public This Year

E3 Logo

Episode 1498

Becoming mostly a preview of what's on the horizon for gamers, the annual E3 convention was this week, and it was open to the public. Leo says that mobile is really where it's at for gaming.

Judge Approves AT&T/Time Warner Merger, Opening the Floodgates

AT&T Logo

Episode 1498

A federal judge approved the merger of Time Warner and AT&T this week, opening the floodgates for even more large mega corporate mergers. Comcast moved almost instantly to provide a massive bid on 21st Century Fox, outbidding Disney by over 15%, setting off a huge bidding war. Leo says that the judge got it wrong and this represents a serious problem for consumers, even though customers like it because it saves them money in the short run.

No Hardware Expected at Apple's WWDC Keynote

Tim Cook at WWDC

Episode 1494

Monday June 4 is the keynote address to open Apple's annual Worldwide Developer's Conference, and while last year Apple announced several new hardware updates, the word on the street is that Apple will not be announcing any hardware this year. WWDC will likely be a software-centric event in 2018. It's too bad too, since Apple's laptops are in dire need of updating, especially the keyboards from last year's MacBook Pros. Leo says that they were awful and Apple is facing several class action lawsuits as a result.

Europe's New Data Privacy Law has Teeth

Data Privacy

Episode 1490

Europe's new General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR has gone in effect, and it has some teeth as companies who fail to comply will face a fine of 4% of their annual income. Leo says that larger companies could face fines in the millions. Leo also says that companies have 72 hours to report all data breaches and give customers the right to have their data deleted upon request.


Google Is Redesigning Its AR Glasses

Google Glass

Episode 1489

When Google originally released Google Glass, it was a huge, overpriced failure. People were freaking out over privacy, and let's face it: You looked like a dork. Now, the talk is that Google is starting from scratch and creating a new augmented reality glasses design. The rumor comes from WinFuture and CNET stating that Google is working with a Taiwanese company to create a new design that is called the A65, with video capture, 3D overlays, built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.1, GPS, and more.

Don't Buy a New MacBook Just Yet

Episode 1488

With Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference coming in two weeks, Leo says right now isn't a good time to upgrade your laptops, as most likely new MacBooks will be announced, along with previews of the latest macOS and iOS operating systems. But if you want to get a new iPhone or iPad, go ahead, as Apple probably won't announce those until the Fall.

Marketers Keep Track of Your Location

Episode 1488

News broke this week that law enforcement has been using a service called Securus, to keep track of people through their GPS data on their cellphone. Securus is a company that data-mines information from cellphone towers, metadata on email and text messages, and phone calls. And it's completely legal.

Google Duplex is both exciting and frightening at the same time

Episode 1487

Google Duplex uses Google Assistant to do things like making appointments and dinner reservations, using a voice call. The Google Assistant robot can have a conversation in the process. Leo says that Duplex passes the Turing Test, that means one can't tell the difference between a human and a computer, but there is a little bit that isn't "quite right." It keeps getting better though, and Google plans to roll out Duplex by the end of the year.