Kyle Benham

Kyle Benham
Los Angeles, CA

Musical Director for Leo Laporte - The Tech Guy and founder of

Kyle always had a passion for the immediacy that radio offers. As a kid growing up in Virginia Beach, he would often stay up late listening to talk radio. “It was somewhat magical to hear radio personalities interact with their audience in real-time,” says Kyle. At 16-years-old, Kyle pursued his dream of working in radio. After completing a much sought after internship in 1999, Kyle was hired by John Crenshaw, Program Director at 100.5 WCMS. At the time, Kyle was the youngest on-air radio personality in the Norfolk-Virginia Beach metropolitan area. You can even listen to some of the young 16 year old Kyle here.

After two years at WCMS, Kyle graduated from high school and went on to receive his bachelor’s degree from George Mason University. While attending GMU, Kyle stayed in radio; working on the 'Elliot in the Morning' show, syndicated out of Washington, D.C.’s legendary DC101.

Kyle successfully completed 8 years at DC101, before partnering with Army soldier and pilot, Robert Schapiro, to engineer a new form of targeted media. Together they connected a 36 x 8-foot digital billboard to an R22 helicopter to launch Bootcamp Lights. Their niche form of advertising was the only company in the Mid-Atlantic region with authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration to fly digital media over metropolitan areas.

Kyle couldn't stay away from radio, however. In November 2010, Premiere Networks offered Kyle a job, working on Leo’s nationally syndicated radio show, The Tech Guy. “That’s pretty much when I gave up watching Sunday football and became a geek,” says Kyle. “I wouldn't trade it for the world. It is an honor to work with Leo and his dedicated, hardworking team at TWiT. I am constantly learning new things while connecting with the most intelligent and loyal community, ‘The TWiT Army.’”

During the week, Kyle helps businesses develop innovative marketing solutions with his most recent startup,

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