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Episode 1514

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Getting rid of duplicates in iTunes, should 3D printed guns be considered a threat to public safety? Getting old programs off of a DVR, what modem to buy, how to get the most out of cruise ship Wi-Fi, restoring an address book in Outlook, what router is the fastest, and Chris Marquardt joins us to talk about shutter sounds from digital cameras.

Episode 1513

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What should be the extent of free speech on social media platforms? First look at the Hisense 100" smart laser TV, buying refurbished Apple products, finding the right router, making toll-free calls on an app while overseas, and more of your calls!

Episode 1512

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How to make a Microsoft Surface Studio run faster, connecting to the internet with an old Mac, how to backup text messages on an Android phone, how to get a Windows 7 PC to resume getting updates, fixing a black screen on Windows 8.1 after an update, using drive cloning software, what the lights on a modem mean, is it safe to click on links on an iPhone? And Chris Marquardt talks about cameras in cars.

Episode 1511

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First impressions of Microsoft's latest Surface Go tablet, Apple becomes the first trillion dollar company, advice for buying your first drone, upgrading an iMac, how to unclog a printer, MacBook buying advice for a Bio Engineering college student, why a TV might be turning on by itself, a cheap convertible laptop, imaging a hard drive, Scott Wilkinson talks about the "home theater of the month," Johny Jet recommends alarm clock apps, and Dick DeBartolo has the 'Swiss army knife' of travel mugs.

Episode 1510

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Spectrum/Charter being kicked out by the state of New York, Twitter getting punished by the stock market for booting trolls & bots, recommending the best Android tablet for the buck, choosing a compatible (non-IE) browser supported by Yahoo, finding an alternative to the wildly insecure Adobe Reader, refreshing a constantly-rebooting Samsung Galaxy S5 (only after backing up photos/videos!), turning on Siri voice dictation on a Macintosh for people with carpal tunnel, helping a GoFundMe campaign page to possibly show up on Google, Michael's big censorship button in case of bad words, Chr

Episode 1509

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Dealing with multiple cloud backup services, using technology to assist with disabilities, downloading Google Play Store apps onto an Amazon Fire Tablet, where to find a MacBook that still has function keys, what TV to buy, using older applications with macOS High Sierra, and more of your calls.

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Episode 1508

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How to manage backups and eliminate duplicate files, portable computer monitors, could we actually get flying cars? Getting call waiting to work with a Bluetooth headset, how to manage your passwords with a password vault, whether or not to buy your own DSL modem, a basic Wi-Fi router recommendation, Chris Marquardt reviews his "eyes" photo assignment, and more of your calls.

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Episode 1507

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Playing your digital music library on an old analog stereo, getting video from a phone to a car's display, could Cox be blocking a different streaming service? What to look for on a gaming PC and more of your calls!

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Episode 1506

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How to run Linux and Windows on a PC, why UVerse might be slowing down internet while you're watching TV, determining what mesh router is best for your situation, controlling a TV and cable box by voice, tilt shift photography explained, how to get into BIOS, small hidden cameras, and Chris Marquardt talks about a portable camera with 16 lenses built-in.

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Episode 1505

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Apple refreshes MacBook Pro line, Microsoft announces the Surface Go, turning an Amazon Fire tablet into an Echo Show, calibrating a TV to match a laptop, capture old VHS tapes, connecting an iPhone to a TV, the best TV for outdoor installation, a malware scam that freezes your machine, and more of your calls!

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