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Episode 1520

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Current usefulness of the Apple Watch Troubleshooting data issues in Google Maps, getting a new flip phone for free, alternatives to iTunes, the ease of Chromebook purchasing options, using bridge mode to connect Verizon to a mesh router, advancing from Windows XP to Linux, the pros and cons of smart cameras (with Chris Marquardt), Panasonic vs. Samsung's 4K TVs, and Adam Fisher's interview with Nolan Bushnell (founder of Atari).

Episode 1519

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Why is my hard drive reporting errors? Finding over-the-air channels for your area, watching a DVD from a different region, tech resources for blind users, Steve Wozniak and stories of the early days of Apple, alternatives to iCloud for saving photos off your phone and more of your calls!

Episode 1518

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Troubleshooting connection problems with AirPods, connecting a camera to a phone for streaming, why a thumb drive might not be readable, how to best protect your technology during a big move, alternatives to Gmail, Johnny Jet has an alternative to Uber and Lyft, why a computer isn't seeing an optical drive, watching video from an iPhone on a TV using an HDMI adapter, changing your DNS settings, and Chris Marquardt talks about macro lenses.

Episode 1517

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Verizon throttles service for the Santa Clara Fire Department, recovering data from a crashed hard drive, clearing hard drive space on a full phone, separating a work network when working at home, backing up DVDs, the best 3D printer for a beginner, protecting an ATM card and more of your calls!

Episode 1516

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Whether or not it's safe to roll back a Windows update, how to get data off of an old Palm Treo and onto a new phone, what Windows laptop is best for a college student, getting an Oculus Rift to work with your computer, staying safe while using hotel Wi-Fi, why a printer isn't reading new ink cartridges, Chris Marquardt reviews his "shoe" photo assignment, and more of your calls.

Episode 1515

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A breakthrough in making smaller processors, what to do if you've been scammed, finding the right headset for a cordless phone, automation in iOS, sharing your business card digitally, finding a faster Wi-Fi router, and more of your calls!

Episode 1514

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Getting rid of duplicates in iTunes, should 3D printed guns be considered a threat to public safety? Getting old programs off of a DVR, what modem to buy, how to get the most out of cruise ship Wi-Fi, restoring an address book in Outlook, what router is the fastest, and Chris Marquardt joins us to talk about shutter sounds from digital cameras.

Episode 1513

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What should be the extent of free speech on social media platforms? First look at the Hisense 100" smart laser TV, buying refurbished Apple products, finding the right router, making toll-free calls on an app while overseas, and more of your calls!

Episode 1512

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How to make a Microsoft Surface Studio run faster, connecting to the internet with an old Mac, how to backup text messages on an Android phone, how to get a Windows 7 PC to resume getting updates, fixing a black screen on Windows 8.1 after an update, using drive cloning software, what the lights on a modem mean, is it safe to click on links on an iPhone? And Chris Marquardt talks about cameras in cars.

Episode 1511

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First impressions of Microsoft's latest Surface Go tablet, Apple becomes the first trillion dollar company, advice for buying your first drone, upgrading an iMac, how to unclog a printer, MacBook buying advice for a Bio Engineering college student, why a TV might be turning on by itself, a cheap convertible laptop, imaging a hard drive, Scott Wilkinson talks about the "home theater of the month," Johny Jet recommends alarm clock apps, and Dick DeBartolo has the 'Swiss army knife' of travel mugs.