Why won't my computer load comments on Yahoo News anymore?

Episode 978 (1:40:07)

Mike from Los Angeles, CA

Mike is having trouble loading comments on Yahoo News when he visits. Leo says that comments are Javascript, which may be blocked by his antivirus.
Since he has a lot of security programs running, Leo advises disabling those. He should check his browser's settings to see if Javascript is enabled. Since he can view javascript comments on other sites, that's probably not the case.

Since he's using Chrome, he could disable his add-ons. Mike says he has problems in other browsers too, though. Leo suggests checking his global settings in Windows, and reset the security levels to default.

Failing that, Leo recommends creating a new 'dummy' user account on the computer. He can log into that, and see if the problem still exists there. If it doesn't, then he will know it's something in his user account that's preventing the comments from loading.