Should I buy a new Mac Mini?

Episode 942 (1:10:51)

Denise from Valencia, CA
Apple Mac Mini

Denise called yesterday with a USB issue on her old Mac Mini. She's also getting other issues that cause the Mac Mini to shut down and a repair will cost her $400. Should she just buy a new one?

Leo says that based on what Denise told him yesterday, the real issue is that the multiple drives she has are drawing too much power from USB and the data bus is overloaded. That's the issue and the Genius at Apple probably gave Denise bad advice. Then again, he had access to the hardware and Leo doesn't.

Leo says that if Denise is going to get a new computer, and plans to use multiple drives with it, that she should get a more powerful computer like a Mac Pro or an iMac. Getting another Mac Mini won't fix that problem. He also recommends consolidating those 5 drives into a single USB drive.