How can I prevent the Blue Screen of Death?

Episode 942 (36:33)

Angelo from Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Angelo has a laptop that's only 3 years old and he gets a blue screen of death about every hour or so. Leo thinks there's a hardware issue that's causing it since Angelo has upgraded to Windows 7 and the issue still occurs. That points to a hardware issue, not software, and that likely means replacing the motherboard. Unfortunately it will be cheaper to just get a new laptop.

A BSOD is Windows' way to say "I can't go on." The error code and screen dump is useless to anyone but a programmer. There's nothing he can do but reboot. It usually means there's a driver or hardware issue.

More likely it's a hardware issue. A failing power supply could be the culprit and they do die over time. This would be a cheap fix. It could also be an overheating issue. He should monitor the temperature during operation, if he can. There's apps that can do that. If he sees a temp spike, then he'll know.