What's the best backup solution?

Episode 941 (1:47:14)

Edgar from San Diego, CA

Edgar has been keeping a laptop alive until he can get a new laptop. He's been backing up using Carbonite and also images his hard drive with Acronis True Image. Leo says it's a great idea to have multiple back ups and using Carbonite off site along with an image is ideal. The image will help to restore a disk very quickly and save the computer state that he really likes before he starts using it.

Edgar wants to know if he should backup everything in one place for consistency. Leo doesn't think so. Leo says that it's more risky if he has a single point of failure. Having a shotgun approach with multiple services guards against catastrophic failure. Carbonite has a new image service that Edgar has tried and it's failed. Leo says that there's too many things that can go wrong with an image over the Internet.

Other options for imaging a hard drive include EaseUS, Clonezilla, DriveSnapshot, and SuperDuper for the Mac.