Johnny Jet and Flight Delays

Episode 937 (1:23:25)

Johnny Jet joins us from the tropical beachside town of DelRey Beach, FL. And because of the Winter holidays, there's a snowstorm that causing a lot of flights to be delayed or flat out cancelled. Johnny advises avoiding hubs that have issues with winter weather. Always think connecting in the South, not the north, even if it means paying the extra money. Also, arriving the day before you actually want to be there is a good idea so that in case your flight is delayed, you don't miss anything.

Leo found a great app called FLIGHT BOARD for the iPad. It looks like an airports arrival/departure board. You can sort by destination, flight, gate, and it'll show you the status. Leo also likes TripIt. What does Johnny like to do? He checks the Weather. Checks to see what delays are happening. Also, sign up for an airport's twitter stream, and Flight Advisor on Twitter. It's a great way to get travel information You can see Johnny's Twitter lists here. You can subscribe to the lists and be in the know.