Facebook Tries to Change Instagram's Privacy and Ad Options

Episode 937 (02:30)

Facebook recently bought Instagram for $1 Billion. And this week, they attempted to change their terms of service to reserve the right to sell user photos without permission or opting out. This mirrors Facebook's terms of service which grants them the right to use member posts and names in advertising. Predictably, users were up and arms about it and revolted. And Instagram walked it back and went back to their old terms of service, which Leo says was worse because they were so vague. The lesson to companies? Be vague about your terms of service so you can get to do anything you want without upsetting anyone.

Meanwhile, Facebook as redone their privacy settings to make them easier to manage. That's a nice Christmas gift!

Instagram angers users with policy change that will allow the Facebook-owned company to sell shared photos (NYDailyNews)... http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/opaque-instagram-ad-policy-change-angers-users-article-1.1222680