Is there a way I could get a new phone without giving up unlimited data on Verizon?

Episode 932 (1:39:30)

Kathy from Tustin, CA
Galaxy Note II

Leo says she really will have to just give that up to get a new phone that has LTE. Since phones are capable of becoming hotspots, Verizon and the other carriers are concerned that people will use their phones as their primary internet connection. This is especially a concern with LTE because in a lot of cases, it's faster than most people's home internet.

The chatroom says if she buys it at the unsubsidized rate, she may be able to hang onto her current plan. It would cost her about $300 more, but it may be worth it to her. Leo says she should just go to the Verizon store and tell them what she wants to do. They should let her keep the plan if she buys it at full price.

Kathy was also wondering about compact cases for the Galaxy Note II. They actually make a case that replaces the back battery cover, and has a leather flap to go over the screen of the phone. Leo likes this one the most because it doesn't make the phone any bigger.