Chris Marquardt and the Expensive Lens Myth

Episode 932 (1:22:45)

The latest myth that Chris wants to bust is the belief that you have to have an expensive lens to get the best images. Chris says that expsensive lenses will give you a technical advantage, but it doesn't all depend on how expensive the lens is. There are things you can do to get the most out of your budget lens elements.

You can get better sharpness from a cheaper lens by stopping down the lens. Lenses also have a "sweet spot," which is usually around F8 that will perform just as well. Contrast is also key to getting great images. The anti glare coating on the lens can alter the contrast of the image. So using a lens hood on a cheaper lens will compensate for that and improve the contrast of your images, making them better. As for lens distortion, many photo editing apps can compensate for lens distortion with built in plugins. The real key is photo composition. That's what makes your image best.

Don't forget our assignment for this month, ''Darkness''. Take a picture that illustrates the concept 'darkness." Then upload it to the Flickr Tech Guy Group and tag it for the TechGuy group and 'Darkness.' If Chris likes it, you may see it featured on a segment next month!