Chris Marquardt, Tips from the Top Floor

Episode 922 (1:18:23)

Today's assignment was "Faces," and we had nearly 100 entries this month! Here's three that stood out -

Old Man Singing in New Orleans by dusanmal, where emotion can often overcome the technical shortcomings of the image itself - in this case the graininess of it.

Next is the Minnesota Train Station, by zhotin, which is a building, but a face!

Last is "The Look," by rg69olds, which is an obvious candid of a woman who just discovered she was having her picture taken. And look at the reflection that really adds depth to the photo.

Out next assignment ... Weather! Take an image of, by or otherwise concerning the concept of weather, and post it to our Tech Guy Group at Flickr. Then tag it for Tech Guy and Weather and Chris may feature it next month!