Scott Wilkinson, Home Theater Magazine

Episode 891 (21:58)

Scott Wilkinson is back with some questions: Ian has 8 ohm speakers and 6 Ohm speakers and wants to know if he can get a receiver that can handle both of them? Ohm pertains to “impedance,” which is resistance to the alternating current of an audio signal. Resistance is important because it prevents speakers from being blown out. The lower the OHM number, the greater the power drawn out of the receiver to the speaker. Onkyo, Denon or Pioneer are probably the best makers of an amp for that combination of speakers.

Leo has an Onyko 616 receiver and he’s running both a 1080i Pioneer Elite HDTV TV and a 1080p projector. But it’s really confusing his amp. What can he do? Scott says it’s a HDMI “handshaking” issue. you can send 1080i through both of them, that would handle it since the projector is downward compatible. Updating the firmware may help. Resetting the receiver helps, but then it acts up again. Scott says that may mean that the Onkyo has something wrong with it, like buggy firmware or bad HDMI outputs.

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