HDTV screen care

Episode 863 (33:07)

Jay from Providence, NC

Jay got a new HDTV and he’s not thrilled with it. The yellow decal that was placed on the screen has never been completely removed. Leo is outraged by how stupid a company would be to do such a wreckless thing that could easily ruin the screen since it isn’t static cling. Leo knows how to get rid of the goo with GooGone, but it’s solvents WILL ruin the screen. So DON’T use it. You can’t even use something like Windex. You need a screen cleaner like AppleJuice or ScreenKleaner. They’re very mild and designed to not strip the coating on the screen. Wet a sponge with it and dab it and soak it until it is able to come off. Course, you can also return it.